DeltaMAXX™ IDA Filters Able to Withstand Deflagration Isolation

Mar 24, 2016

Minimize risk and increase safety with Imperial Systems!

At Imperial Systems, we understand choosing the right dust collection system for your metalworking plant isn’t a decision taken lightly. There are countless hours poured into the right dust collection system, why it’s the best dust collection system, and how each dust collection system and company compares to the rest.  

deflagration isolationThe dangers involved in the metalworking industry come as no surprise to those who work in it day in and day out. Metalworkers step into a metalworking plant fully aware of what can go wrong, but what if you could give them reassurance with a dust collection system coupled with filters that are capable of deflagration isolation while stopping a flame front.

Our CMAXX™ Dust Collection System together with our DeltaMAXX™ IDA (In-Line Deflagration)  Cartridge Filters can provide you with the advanced features you need and the safety you deserve!

Deflagration Isolation and More Advanced Features of the DeltaMAXX™ IDA Filters

The hazards of a machine malfunctioning, dust, fumes, or sparks can present serious safety risks to your business and your employees.   The purpose of our DeltaMAXX™ In-Line Deflagration filters is to prevent disastrous fires or explosions from taking lives, and decimating your metalworking business. Without the IDA’s advanced and innovative technology the effects of an untamed flame front and the inability to isolate a deflagration could be disastrous!

Here’s how the certified technology of our CMAXX Dust Collection System and DeltaMAXX™ IDA (In-Line Deflagration Arrester) Cartridge Filters work.

In order to ensure our DeltaMAXX™ IDA Cartridge filters were capable of stopping a flame front we had a third party test the CMAXX™  Dust Collection System multiple times.  Our numerous tests proved that the DeltaMAXX™ IDA Cartridge Filters were capable of a deflagration isolation and stopped a flame front test after test after test. We knew the DeltaMAXX™ In-Line Deflagration filters could stop a flame front, but we had to look further than that. Yes, it stopped the flame front, but was there any damage to any other portion of the dust collection system? The answer is NO!  Not only was the DeltaMAXX™ IDA Filter able to stop the deflagration but there were no traces of sparks or flames down from the filters or the clean air plenum!

The testing continued to see how effective the CMAXX™  Dust Collection System was without explosion venting. We wanted to see if the body could withstand a deflagration isolation of cornstarch at 185 KST with pressures exceeding 4 PSI.  The explosions diverted through the filters, the internal cages of the filters remained in perfect shape, and the seals were not deformed or melted.

CMAXX™ and DeltaMAXX™ IDA Filters – the security you need for your metalworking business!