The Solution to Overpriced Competitor Cartridge Filters

Sep 30, 2015

Competitor cartridge filters breaking your budget? Imperial Systems has the solution.

The dilemma is all too familiar.  You need the high performance and safety features provided by competitor cartridge filters for your metalworking shop… but the high price of these filters, which frequently need to be replaced, is draining your budget.  Unfortunately, most lower cost filters you have looked at cannot provide the value and service you really need.  

competitor-cartridge-filtersAt Imperial Systems, we believe that metalworkers like you should not have to choose between the safety and service you need and the price you can afford.  So, we are proud to share our solution to overpriced competitor cartridge filters: DeltaMAXX cartridge filters.

Can DeltaMAXX Filters Stack Up Against Competitor Cartridge Filters?

Competitor cartridge filters offer high efficiency and important safety features to keep your metalworking shop safe and clean. If you have a dust collection system, you have confidence that your current filters are a perfect fit.  Can DeltaMAXX really meet the same standards of safety and service?


Our DeltaMAXX filters are designed to fit every make and model of dust collection system, so you can continue using the system you have in place.  Additionally, our filters meet all OSHA and NFPA safety standards, so you can have confidence in the security provided.

In fact, our filters actually go above and beyond the industry standards.  The DeltaMAXX is one of the highest performing filters in the industry and offers a lifespan up to twice the industry standard, saving you money on frequent replacements.

Going Beyond The Gold Standard

Not only do our filters avoid the high prices of the brand names and frequent replacements, but they also outperform the competition’s filter media.  Using advanced Nanofiber technology, our filters have higher efficiency, fewer emissions, and even reduced cleaning cycles.  Independent lab tests have found Nanofiber technology to be 50% more efficient on .3-1.0 micron particulates than our competition’s.

The Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Higher efficiency, a longer lifespan, reduced cleaning cycles, and lower costs.  All of these features add up to the solution you have been searching for.  So why wait any longer?  Give Imperial Systems a call today to talk with one of our highly trained service engineers.  

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