Why Choose Imperial Systems for Metalworking Dust Collector Filters

Sep 29, 2015

Imperial Systems replacement filters bring longer life to employees and machines.

For years, Imperial Systems has been offering metalworking facilities advanced and reliable dust and fume collectors. We also offer high-performance metalworking dust collector filters for systems by other brands. These upgrade filters are designed to provide outstanding energy savings, filtration efficiency, and cleaner working environments. When efficiency and employees are at their peak, so is productivity. All of these come together to protect the overall health of the business and its bottom line.

Example of dust collector filter for metalworking

Common dust collector filter for metalworking

Any metalworking business involves grinding, sanding, buffing, cutting, and/or polishing indoors. As a result, potentially hazardous dust contaminates the air in your facility. But the dust or fume from these processes is usually invisible. It can degrade your air quality, which is detrimental to employee health as well as the integrity of your machines. The health of your business significantly depends on your properly functioning collection system and high-quality filters inside it.

Besides just cleaning the air, Imperial’s replacement filters can significantly improve the performance of your existing collection system. We uniquely engineer them for longer life and higher filtration efficiency. They are the most cost-effective choice for any collector and any environment. So, your collectors will keep running efficiently and energy-smart. Imperial Systems replacement filters rank among the highest in performance, efficiency, and value.

Types of Metalworking Dust Collector Filters

The kind or style of replacement filters you need depends on the dust collection system on your site. Some common types include cartridge collectors, cyclones, wet scrubbers, and electrostatic precipitators (ESPs). Nearly all industrial filtration systems require periodic replacement of filters to eliminate contaminants consistently.  We will help you determine which filter variation is the best fit for your system.

All types of industrial air filtration systems are available from Imperial Systems. Plus, we offer replacement filters that are compatible with all major brands of industrial cartridge dust collectors.  Learn more on our DeltaMAXX dust collector replacement cartridge filters page. Many of our loyal metalworking customers permanently rely on Imperial Systems for all dust and fume collector systems and products.

We want to help make your business as clean, healthy, and efficient as possible. For more information, contact us today!