Protein Powder Dust Collection Challenges Health Product Maker

Mar 9, 2020

DeltaMAXX Replacement filters stood up to the test presented by protein powder dust collection.


Keith handles the dust collection equipment for a company that manufactures protein powder. Their customers include major health and wellness companies like GNC. The company currently owns 3 Imperial Systems CMAXX collectors and one competitor system.

Protein powder applications can put any dust collection system to the test. Keith found that his filters weren’t holding up. “I was cleaning them three or four times just to get some use out of them,” he says. “The dust was getting through them and into the HEPAs. Replacing them so often was a major strain on our budget. I really needed filters that could do better.”



Keith decided to try Imperial Systems’ DeltaMAXX filters to see if they would last longer. He reports that the DeltaMAXX filters are lasting about 4 to 6 months, longer than the others he had tried. He also found that with the DeltaMAXX filters, they were no longer seeing any dust blowback as before.

Although happy with the filter life improvement, Keith says that filter changeouts are still costing the company too much money. With some troubleshooting, Keith’s Imperial Systems aftermarket representative helped him nail down a potentially serious problem. Dust is backing up into the hoppers when the dust containers aren’t cleaned out. This common problem can drastically decrease filter life, so Keith is looking into the Dust Level Sensor to make sure containers aren’t neglected.

This company is considering a Dust Level Sensor to ensure that their protein powder dust collection doesn't back up into the hopper.

Feedback on Their Protein Powder Dust Collection

Keith reports that his experience with Imperial Systems is very good. He’s happy with the performance of the DeltaMAXX filters, although hopefully, it will get even better if the company uses Dust Level Sensors to control the hopper backup issues.

“I’ve gotten everything I asked for,” he says. “I plan to install these filters consistently in all our machines.”

The company plans to continue working with Imperial Systems in the future for any of their dust collection needs. While we can’t always get the filter prices quite as low as Keith would like them, we’re working with him to make sure he gets the longest filter life possible to save him money in the long run.