Never Buy Donaldson Replacement Filters Again

Mar 4, 2015

Discover the advantages Imperial Systems’ filters have over Donaldson replacement filters and make the switch today.

Are you still buying Donaldson replacement filters for your metalworking business?  If so, you are throwing away money on a product that is not providing you with the longest lasting filtration in the industry.  Rather than continuing to spend more money on less performance, take the time to discover why many metalworkers like you have switched from Donaldson replacement filters to Imperial Systems’ DeltaMAXX cartridge filters.  Once you discover the difference, we have no doubt that you, too, will switch to the replacement filters which can provide you the performance, lifespan, and savings you really need for your metalworking business.

DeltaMAXX Offers the Advantages You Depend On…

Donaldson Replacement FiltersWhen you started buying Donaldson replacement filters, you were probably impressed by a number of their advantages: the latest nanofiber technology, a MERV 15 efficiency rating, and a perfect fit in your existing dust collection systems.  Certainly these are all important assets to have when it comes to handling your workshop’s heavy duty metalworking dust and fumes.

Did you know that you can find all of these same advantages from Imperial Systems’ DeltaMAXX cartridge filters?  With the same nanofiber technology, you get a high performance filter which requires minimal pulse cleaning.  You will also get the highest efficiency rating in the industry and can be confident that these filters will be compatible with your current dust collection system.

…With More Long Term Benefits

However, the DeltaMAXX advantages actually go above and beyond those of the Donaldson filters.  Two areas that we know are important to metalworking businesses which stand out are:

  • Lifespan: Using the best surface loading technology, our filters are proven to offer up to twice the filter life of the industry standard.  This feature will not only save your business money, but also the time and stress of continually having to order and replace new filters.
  • Fits All Makes and Models: At Imperial Systems, we understand that your needs as a business are continually changing, as technology and methods develop over time.  So, you may have a Donaldson dust collector system now, but in a few years, that may be replaced by another.  You need a reliable filter which you can find to fit any one of the systems you may choose.  That’s why Imperial Systems manufactures our DeltaMAXX filters to fit all makes and models of dust collection systems.

Ready to Switch From Donaldson Replacement Filters?

Now that you know that you can get all of the advantages of a Donaldson cartridge filter, and more, when you switch to the DeltaMAXX filters, what more are you waiting for?  Give our service representatives a call today to get more details or to place your order.  Contact us at: 800.918.3013.