Imperial Systems Quarterly Newsletter | Issue 8

Mar 5, 2019

Dusty Jobs Issue 8 is here! Charlie teaches us a card game, we talk about our latest new product, the Rhino Drum, and we interview one of our engineers. If you would like a printed hard copy of this issue of the quarterly newsletter, contact your Imperial System Sales Rep.

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Dusty Jobs Quarterly Issue 8

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Imperial Systems exhibiting at Fabtech 2018 in Atlanta

   Plasma Cutting & Hexavalent Chromium Infographic

Good Luck With That - A Friendly Little Card Game - by Charlie Miller

Imperial Systems Chili Cook-Off 2018

The Interview with Troy Beilstein

A Letter from the Director of Sales & Marketing

Director of Sales & Marketing, Tomm Frungillo Several years ago I had the pleasure of visiting VIR (Virginia International Raceway) in Alton, VA. This is a historic road course originally developed in the 1950s and resurrected in 2000. I was visiting a friend who was CART racing at the time and he invited us to come watch him race. Upon arrival, we were asked if we were interested in a ride around the course. “Sure!” we exclaimed, and then proceeded to pile into a Ford Econoline van with a professional driver behind the wheel. While the spin around the track was fun and even at times exhilarating as this driver pushed the large van to its limits, I couldn’t help but to think that with the right vehicle this trial spin could have been a lot more effective, and fun.

You might now be thinking, “That’s nice, but what in the world does this story have to do with Imperial Systems?” Let me explain. I came on board as Director of Sales and Marketing for Imperial Systems about seven months ago.  Over the years I have worked for a couple of medium size companies and one fairly large international organization approaching $1 billion on total sales. This large company had many great people and great products but, like most large companies, if you wanted to get something done it required a lot of planning, consensus from many, and copious amounts of time. In other words, it was like trying to handle a road race track in a full-size van.

vroom vroomImperial Systems has been a refreshing and fun change for me. Like the other companies I have worked with, we have great people, great products and great ideas. The difference is that we have clear, concise and quick discussions and brain storming sessions with ideas that get engineered, tested, and manufactured in a fraction of the time it takes in most companies. I have been a part of this experience for our newest product, The Rhino Drum, along with all of the current improvements we are making to our cartridge line, our flagship CMAXX collector, our BRF Medium Pressure unit, and many others to come. I also witnessed this in our approach to Fabtech in the way in which we created a plan and implemented that plan, which lead to a very successful trade show eliciting many viable leads.

At Imperial Systems there is an awareness that we are on that race track and we are surrounded by competitors who want to be first at the finish line. The difference is that we not only have the right drivers but also the right vehicle to ensure we finish first and best. Drivers, start your engines!!

– Tomm Frungillo, Director of Sales & Marketing