World’s Largest Manufacturer of Sawmill Equipment Makes the Switch to a Vertical Cartridge Dust Collector

Mar 3, 2015

Product: CMAXX (CM-010) Application: Plasma Cutting

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Fed up with their Horizontal Cartridge Collector, the World’s Largest Manufacturer of Sawmill Equipment Makes the Switch to a Vertical Cartridge Collector.

A few fires, poor production, and strict OSHA guidelines will cause any company to rethink their current dust collection and safety solutions. Thankfully, Imperial System’s CMAXX Dust Collector was able to live up to being one of the most user-friendly and advanced technological Industrial Dust Collector in the business.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of recycling and sawmill equipment, and a distributor to major national cities, logging and sawmill industries, the demand for equipment is constantly in the fast lane. The company manufactures 95% of its equipment in-house and employs over 350 welders to work shifts 10 hours a day/ 5 days a week.

Originally, Morbark had purchased a dust collector that housed horizontal cartridge filters to clean-up their shop’s plasma cutting and weld dust, but the horizontal filters had been trapping burning embers on the filter media; resulting in multiple fires.
Multiple dust collector fires and changing OSHA guidelines were the driving force behind the company seeking out a new, more advanced, dust extraction system for their plasma cutting table.

“When the rules changed and you were not allowed to blow plasma dust outside, we couldn’t use a water table because they did not work for our application. 95% of parts are manufactured in shop – so getting rid of the waste and scrap is one of the biggest challenges we have – we needed to get a dust collector that could work with our plasma cutting table.”

When researching multiple dust and fume extraction companies, Dave, the maintenance manager, had three main goals in-mind he wanted the company’s new dust collector to accomplish:

1. Reduce the tedious filter-change out process
2. Find a dust collector that would lower the chance of another fire.
3. Find an efficient dust collection solution that would help save the company money and reduce downtime.

After hearing about Imperial System’s through the company’s laser cutting table manufacturer, Dave knew Imperial could get the job done. Dave went ahead and purchased a CMAXX, model number CM-010, to clean-up his plasma cutting dust.

1. Simplicity of Maintenance

Using the CMAXX’s filter removal tool, as well as the system’s Even-Lock Technology, the maintenance manager has had a much cleaner and faster experience with changing filters in his new dust collector compared to the previous solution.

“When changing filters on our old dust collector, there were 12 different holes I had to unbolt just to change one filter. So simplicity of maintenance was huge and the CMAXX has delivered.”

2. Drastically Decrease the Chance of a Fire with Vertical Cartridge Design

The CMAXX’s vertical cartridge design and Pulse Distribution Technology allows for the dust to pulse off 100% of the filter media from the vertical cartridge filters and easily fall into the hopper.

3. Less downtime means more money

Due to the CMAXX’s simplicity of maintenance and 100% pulse cleaning on each filter, the CMAXX is able to clean more efficiently while drastically reducing the downtime of filter change-outs.

Imperial System’s vertical style CMAXX Dust Collector was able to get the job done at the manufacturing shop. In fact, to ensure there would be no chance of a fire, the company also purchased a Spark Arrestor from Imperial System’s to extinguish the sparks before ever entering the dust collector.