GEAPS Exchange 2019

Jul 19, 2019

Our sales team was available at GEAPS Exchange 2019 to anyone wanting to learn more about our products.GEAPS (Grain Elevator and Processing Society) 2019 in New Orleans featured some of the largest Grain and Seed processing equipment companies. This year at GEAPS was the first year that we decided to bring some rather large equipment. We really wanted to show up and show off some of our new technology. Our booth featured our new BRF Medium Pressure baghouse. We built a 7 foot clean air plenum to demo the new cleaning system. We also had a CM002 Spot filter on display as well. Both of these items will be on display at our showroom.

The show had a little bit of everything to offer, from dump pits to rail cars to storage bins and engineering firms. Each company could have the need for dust collection in their facility as well as the grain companies that attended.

The show went well, and although not as big as Fabtech the show still pulled in the big names in the world of grain, seed, and food. During the show we would demonstrate the pulse cleaning system of our BRF-MP. If you have never heard this cleaning system in action, you have to imagine something similar to an air canon or spud gun being fired. This powerful blast is designed to clean off the dust that would build up on the bags. Eventually we had to shut that down due to the sudden blast scaring everyone that wasn’t paying attention. Fortunately, we could still show the moving arm and explain the auto calibrating pulsing system. We also had our CMAXX Spot Filter showing the different applications that would benefit any source capture grain process. Giving customers the opportunity to get hands on with our equipment is really when they see the difference. Our equipment visually has clean lines and looks great, while being able to see how heavy duty it is makes a difference. Not to mention the simplicity of the CMAXX filter changeout. You can really see people’s faces light up when they realize how much thought and care we put into our products.

New Orleans weather was a nice reprieve from the cold rain of western Pennsylvania. The city was colorful and we got to experience a little bit of the culture. We went to the French Quarter and got beignets and coffee and watched the street performers. We also had some of the local creole cuisine which was excellent. You can still see the aftermath of hurricane Katrina but it is obvious the city is rebuilding and moving forward.

All and all, GEAPS in New Orleans went well. We got to talk to great people from the grain industry as well as getting to see all of the equipment that services this industry. We got some great leads and gave the grain community a chance to see our equipment first hand.