Explosion Prevention Done Right With an Imperial Systems Spark Trap

Apr 11, 2016

Find out how metalworkers like you can address the need for a high-quality spark trap for explosion prevention.

Why Invest in a Spark Trap for Explosion Prevention?

Understanding that the metalworking industry is among the most susceptible in terms of a dangerous working environment is paramount to our goal at Imperial Systems to provide the highest-quality products for dust collection, including explosion prevention.

The CMAXX™ Dust Collection System is already geared towards reducing a chance of a combustible dust explosion along with having the best cleaning efficiency and longest filter life in the industry. But an added measure that should be implemented especially if your facility operates at consistently high volumes is a spark trap from Imperial Systems to compliment your current dust collection system as well as maximizing explosion prevention.

Explosion PreventionDesigned primarily as a first line of defense to prevent ignition within a dust collection system, spark traps reduce the potential for fire hazard by capturing sparks before they reach the main containment unit, where dust or other flammable materials may be present.

What Explosion Prevention Looks Like With an Imperial Spark Arrestor

An ineffective or entire lack of a quality spark trap leads to an increased risk in danger associated with the metalworking industry. Without one, sparks can reach the main component where dust and flammable materials fill the air, causing an explosion.

Our spark traps for explosion prevention are:

  • Heavy duty
  • Maintenance free
  • Fully welded
  • Easy to install with both horizontal and vertical configurations
  • Available in 6in.-40in.
  • Waterless
  • Available in carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Optional raw inlet and outlet edges
  • Optional clamping duct
  • Bolts together for bolted ducts
  • Requires no moving parts

If you haven’t yet decided on a spark trap for your metalworking business for dust explosion prevention, what is that procrastination costing you?

From 1996-2005, 106 explosions resulted in 16 fatalities, 126 injuries, and an estimated cost of $162.8 million in damages to the facilities.

All of our products including spark traps are always built by NFPA and OSHA guidelines and standards. Don’t trust anyone else except Imperial Systems to deliver a quality spark trap for an added and essential layer to maximum explosion prevention.

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