A Surprising New Benefit To Combustible Dust Management In Your Facility

Apr 21, 2016

Imperial Systems helps you find the best dust collector system for your manufacturing facility.

You already know that air quality can have a profound impact on the health, safety, productivity, and profitability of any industrial work facility. That’s why you and other leaders from a wide range of industries and processes – including agriculture, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, textiles, power generation, recycling, and 3D printing,  invest in Imperial Systems dust collectors and filters to manage dust before it becomes an active hazard in your facilities. But, did you also know that successful combustible dust management may actually make your building smarter?

Combustible-Dust-ManagementA new study released in October of last year indicated that improved IEQ (indoor environmental quality) had the effect of doubling workers’ cognitive function test scores.  Known as the Impact of Green Buildings on Cognitive Function Study, the experiment subjected 24 participants to 6 full work days in an environmentally controlled space, in which they were unaware of the test conditions. Throughout the test, participants were exposed to IEQ conditions representative of high VOC (volatile organic compound) concentration – labeled Conventional days – and low VOC concentration buildings in the U.S., as well as a high outdoor air ventilation rate and artificially elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) levels – labeled Green and Green+ days.

The result was that, on average, cognitive scores were 61% higher on the Green day and 101% higher on the two Green+ building days than on the Conventional building day. After only 6 hours in the COGfx Study, the workers in the green building environment showed substantial improvements in cognitive performance versus those in the conventional environment. And, while cognitive function is not the sole root of productivity, decision-making faculties are an important component.

The implications for IEQ and combustible dust management as related to productivity and health/safety are significant. As the study reports, most people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors and 10 percent of their time outdoors. Conversely, 90 percent of the costs associated with a building are due to the people inside it (salaries and benefits, illnesses, etc.) while just 10 percent come from mortgage/rent and other operating costs. Therefore, combustible dust management can substantially improve your workers’ cognitive function as well as the business’s overall health and performance.

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