Imperial’s DeltaMAXX Filters Help Reduce Downtime and Cleanup at a Hard Chrome Polishing Plant

Mar 31, 2014

Located in northern Pennsylvania along the shores of Lake Erie, this company specializes in hard chrome and electroless nickel plating as well as polishing of molds, tools, and dies.


The company manufactures five days a week for 16 hours each day. Not only would the companies dust collectors pull in blasting materials, but they would also pull in an oily film that would foul the cartridge filters on a regular basis. As a result, the company would have to change their dust collector system’s filters at least three times a year.  The goal for this company was to find a cartridge filter that would successfully defend against this material while also staying within the company’s budget.


After doing a cold call to this company, the Imperial System’s aftermarket rep was able to land the company’s business.

“Imperial Systems reached out to me and recommended their Deltamaxx filters that have a nanofiber media and wow what a difference they made. Now we have filters in our dust collectors that last 4 times longer. Also, our cost in filters and down time are at their lowest”, said Scott G., a company representative.

Scott then went on to say, “I have been changing filters here in our plant for over 20 years and I wish I would have known about Deltamaxx filters years ago. I have a system here that I would change at least three times a year. Since we put the Deltamaxx filters in our dust collectors, I have not changed it yet and it’s been over a year. We run two shifts {8 hours} a day for 5 days a week. Thank you Imperial System for recommending the Deltamaxx nanofiber cartridge filters.”

Thank you Scott!