Customized Dust Collector for Specialized Lens Grinding Machines

Oct 7, 2021

The Problem with Precision Lens Grinding

A company that uses specialized lens grinding machines for prescription lens fabrication had a dust problem.  These machines require dust collection to keep the lenses clear of debris while they grind and further polish the prescription into the lenses. For this specific customer, the problem was the production facility in which they are located.  They had very little space to fit a dust collector capable of filtering the air properly.  The location was in an old building in New York City.  It had low ceilings and small entrance doors to bring in a machine.

Close-up of eyeglasses made with precision lens grinding

This lens grinding dust collector had to meet three physical requirements. First, it had to be less than 12’ in total height. Second, it had to be able to be unloaded and installed without the use of overhead cranes. Finally, it had to fit in a small footprint in the corner of a room.  The dust collector also had minimum requirements for airflow and a low air-to-cloth ratio. This would ensure that the filters would clean properly and release the dust being collected.


This custom CMAXX was built specifically for a prescription lens grinding applicationThe Dust Collection Solution

Imperial Systems Inc. has a wide selection of dust collector sizes and styles to meet customers’ needs.  This application was tricky because the space available didn’t fit a standard-style dust collector.  Territory Manager Justin Ferrainola worked closely with in-house engineering and the customer. They devised a plan to combine some features of the CMAXX Dust & Fume Collector with those of the Shadow Compact Fume Extractor to create a solution.  Imperial makes standard dust collector styles and has a full engineering staff to develop custom dust collectors for tricky applications.

The CMAXX provided was a two-filter cartridge model with premium DeltaMAXX Prime filters. It has a custom abrasion-resistant side inlet.  A special “Shadow Style” discharge bucket was included to accept disposable bags for waste. Imperial also provided removable fork pockets. These allowed the customer to squeeze the unit into the location with a small forklift.  All of this was done to meet the customer’s tricky size and height restrictions.


The Results

The customer was able to mount the unit exactly how they intended it. They also have more filter media area in less space than offered by all the competition.  This provides longer filter life and superior performance. They were also very impressed with the build quality of this unit given its overall size and design. Custom design work flexibility is just one of the many features that set Imperial Systems apart from the competition.