Case Study: BRF Baghouse for Sawdust Collection

Jun 5, 2019

A sawmill company with facilities in Pennsylvania and New York had a challenging dust problem. Fine sawdust from their band mills was filling the air. The constant production of dust created an unpleasant work environment for employees. As a result, the facility needed a form of sawdust collection.

Ryan is responsible for creating a better, healthier environment for sawmill employees. But he wasn’t going to rush in with a hasty solution. He was going to take the time to do it right. So he would work with equipment suppliers to design the system his company needed.

Research & PlanningBRF baghouse on a sawdust collection application

In the process of designing a dust collection system, Ryan worked with Hermance Machine Company. Through them, he learned about Imperial Systems, Inc and their BRF baghouses. In addition to the BRF, he also looked at the products made by several competitors to compare them.

Ryan paid a visit to Imperial Systems. He got a chance to look at the BRF baghouse and the manufacturing process. “I saw a good product,” he says. He also liked the idea of working with a local company.

Ryan had been working on the air filtration project for several years. He planned out the ductwork, fans, and other details of the system. A significant part of the investment would be the baghouses. So it was important to choose the right company to build them.

Sawdust Collection Solution

Imperial Systems provided Ryan’s company with two reverse-air 14-foot BRF baghouses as well as airlocks, one for each of the two locations.

“Having this system has completely changed the environment of the sawmill,” Ryan says. “It’s gone from being a poor environment for employees to having crystal clear air.”

Ryan has succeeded in his goal of making the sawmills a better, healthier place to work for everyone. He says that the BRF baghouses are working exactly as he expected them to. He’s certainly satisfied with the help and service Imperial Systems has provided. This includes working with him through some glitches to make sure everything works the way he needs it to.

At Imperial Systems we take pride in working with our customers throughout the process, and our service doesn’t stop when the equipment install is complete. We’re there to work with you, iron out any bugs, and help you meet your air quality and safety goals. Sawdust collection is only one of many applications for which we have solutions. So contact us today about your challenging dust or fume problem.

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