DeltaMAXX™: The Answer To Your Bag House Filter Changeout

Mar 8, 2016

Don’t let any more lives hang in the balance! Call Imperial Systems for your baghouse filter changeout.

In the food processing industry, your objective is to maintain a safe and sanitary food processing environment. The clean processing environment is critical to avoid cross-contamination of food and the safety of the employees. When you think of the food processing industry your initial thought might not be one of danger. However, the dangers that lurk in the food industry is that of combustible dust.

Within the food processing industry is grain handling where oats, wheat, corn, sunflower seeds, and barley are processed. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that grain handling has some of the most dangerous hazards within the industry. So how do you keep the dust and particulates under control?  With Imperial Systems high-quality Bag House Dust Collector Systems, and the DeltaMAXX™ Bag House Filter Changeout.

Experience The Difference With Imperial Systems BRF Bag House Dust Collection System

The BRF Bag House Dust Collection System is made for dependable functioning with a seven and ten gauge construction and accurate welds. We have designed it to be reliable and convenient with easy access to maintenance features and an ability to be adaptable to any workspace. The other benefits and advantages are:

  • Explosion venting that meets NFPA guidelines
  • Minimal wear on parts
  • Cleaning system comes with an 8-year warranty
  • Explosion-proof electric motors within the clean air plenum
  • Accommodates higher dust loads
  • Superior cleaning system
  • Strong and Precise welds
  • Sprinkler System in the clean air plenum
  • Minimum wear on parts

When You Need A Bag House Filter Changeout, Think DeltaMAXX™ Bag House Filters

Our DeltaMAXX™ Bag House Filters deliver the longest filter life providing your food processing plant with the cleanest air, and giving you the greatest cost savings. The Welded Seamed replacement bag filter offers the advantage of reducing the risk of fine particles leaking through the needle holes and eliminates the possibility of damage to the filter bag due to the abrasive dust that can tear apart the sewing thread at the seam.

Our welded seam replacement filter bags are produced in a more cost-effective way providing you with the savings and safety you desire. If you’re in need a sewn seamed replacement filter bags we can provide those for you as well. Need us to do your bag filter calculation? We’ll take care of it.

Imperial Systems is your baghouse filter supplier, dust collection, and air pollution control expert. We design and install dust collection systems to all manufacturing industries.  If your grain handling plant is in need of an upgraded baghouse dust collection system or you’re needing to find a better quality baghouse filter changeout, contact us today.