3 Reasons Your Facility Is In Desperate Need Of A Professional Dust Control Service

Apr 9, 2015

When your facility needs some tender loving care, Imperial Systems will pick you up and dust you off.

Let’s not sweep this issue under the carpet. The metalworking industry can create alot of dust. What do you do with that dust? Does it fall to the ground and get swept up throughout the day? Does it lay across your desk or machinery until there is that one person that can’t handle it anymore and they clean it up? What if I told you that you need a professional dust control service?

Here’s Why professional dust control service

  1. You’re compromising the health of your employees and yourself. When it comes to dust, you might think it’s an issue you can just brush off your shoulder, but you’re wrong. Some illnesses and cancers such as Mesothelioma can develop in people who are exposed, but it can take 20-50 years to manifest itself in the form of cancer in an individual. There are between 2,000 and 3,000 new cases every year. Hiring a professional dust control service will significantly lower the risk of contacting this cancer amongst other illnesses related to dust.
  2. You may be wasting time. If your facility has layers of dust over machines and desks, there’s a good chance that you or your employees have to take time to remove the dust, and be sure that the product being fabricated is free of dust and debris. Let’s say that it takes an average of only 15 minutes a day per employee to clean off areas filled with dust, to ensure the quality of their product. With 15 minutes per day, multiplied by 20 employees, which brings a total of 5 wasted hours, cleaning up dust. This is where a professional dust control service would help greatly.
  3. You are undoubtedly wasting money without a professional dust control service. You are playing roulette with putting the health of your employees at risk, allowing your employees to waste valuable time cleaning and pouring money directly into places that are not a good return on investment.

The dust floating around your facility are made up of fine particles of metals, plastic, asbestos and fumes from all the welding, cutting and molding you may be doing. It is imperative that you have an OSHA compliant dust collecting system.  For over 10 years, Imperial Systems has been a leading professional dust collector service company in North America.

By utilizing a professional dust collector service, you will have dust collection at your fingertips. Imperial Systems offers high-quality professional dust collector service with our customized systems. Give us a call  and improve your employees health today!

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