Avoid These Mistakes: Hire a Professional Dust Control Firm

Apr 16, 2015

These problems can be avoided with the aid of a professional dust control firm.

Hire a professional dust control firm? Like many others, you might scoff at the idea. Really, what is dust, anyway? Surely, dust could not pose any serious problems in your workplace.


According to most definitions, dust is the fine, dry particles of earth or waste matters which combine to form a light, dry powder. You may see this powder lying on the ground, other surfaces, or floating in the air. Could this often barely visible material really cause hazards and other problems in your workplace, though? The short answer: Absolutely yes.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Year after year, both in developed and in developing countries, overexposure to dusts causes disease, temporary and permanent disabilities and deaths. Dusts in the workplace may also contaminate or reduce the quality of products, be the cause of fire and explosion, and damage the environment.”

If these facts give you cause for any concern at all about the conditions in your workplace, we highly recommend reconsidering the services of a professional dust control firm. A professional dust control firm can help you tackle dust management and thereby the potential problems of dust in your place of business or production.

Professional Dust Control Firm Services

A reliable, professional dust control firm such as Imperial Systems will be able to provide you with multiple dust control services. Some of those services may include:

  • Extraction of these hazardous dusts, identified by WHO:
    • mineral dusts from the extraction and processing of minerals (these often contain silica, which is particularly dangerous);
    • metallic dusts, such as lead and cadmium and their compounds;
    • other chemical dusts, such as bulk chemicals and pesticides;
    • vegetable dusts, such as wood, flour, cotton and tea, and pollens;
    • moulds and spores.
  • Ease of safe waste disposal
  • Maintenance of dust removal equipment
  • Integrated dust management systems which provide comprehensive coverage of dust control in your workplace
  • Choices of dust control equipment designed to efficiently extract certain dust materials
  • Specific combinations of equipment to take care of your dust control needs

Compliance with World Health Organization workplace safety standards is one way to vastly improve the conditions in your workplace, even if it means controlling dust. To understand more about why you may need to hire a professional dust control company, contact Imperial Systems today.

Imperial Systems is among the top dust collection equipment manufacturing businesses in North America, and will be sure to take care of your dust problem. One of our representatives will be happy to schedule an assessment and provide a quote for you, at your convenience.

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