The Standard Colors of Imperial Systems

Jan 12, 2018

We have made mention many times that we have recently moved into our brand new facility.  One of the major improvements that has been made is we installed one of the largest powder coat booths in the region.  With that we are very excited to be able to powder coat all of our equipment. As a bonus we are the only manufacturer in the United States that can offer a powder coated baghouse. There are 6 color options that are available as a standard and additional colors will be available upon request.  See your sales engineer for additional information on non-standard colors.  Unless otherwise specified all dust collectors are painted with CMAXX Grey.  Any of the stock colors can be used for any of our equipment.

Check out all the options below.

CMAXX Grey Powder Coat Color on a CMAXX Dust Collector

Imperial Blue Powder Coat Color on a CMAXX Dust Collector Header Tank

Safety Yellow Powder Coat Color on an Imperial Systems Abort Gate

Light Industrial Grey Powder Coat Color for a show CMAXX Dust Collector

Patriot Blue powder coat color on a CMAXX Dust Collector

Signal White powder coat color on a large CMAXX Dust Collector

Brand new large Powder coat booth featuring a CMAXX Dust Collector for powder collection