Jan 12, 2017

You know we manufacture our DeltaMAXXTM filters for our own dust collectors.  If you’re looking for replacement dust collector filters and you own a collector made by another manufacturer, you should know that some of our top selling filters are replacements for the other guys’ OEM filters!



Basically, a cartridge filter is a cartridge filter. There’s nothing magical or special that makes one company’s filters superior. As with any product, there are different levels of quality. Choosing a manufacturer who makes a quality product instead of junk is always going to be important.

So let’s assume that most of the big-name OEM companies, like Donaldson Torit, Robovent, and Camfil Farr, make a quality filter. You own one of their collectors, and you’re putting their filters in it. Why would you think about switching?


Here are three good reasons:

  • Isn’t that always the best reason? Our replacement dust collector filters are guaranteed to perform as well as, or better than, your OEM filters. And almost everyone who comes to us for replacements finds that our prices are better.
  • NO GIMMICKS. We don’t play games with filter gimmicks. Drug companies that keep releasing “new and improved” versions of the same medication so they can keep their patents. Some OEMs try to do the same thing. Weird new shapes, cool-looking inserts, special new gaskets. Do you really need any of them? Probably not.
  • Getting a good price doesn’t help if the filters aren’t as good. That’s why our guarantee promises you that while we’re beating your OEM’s price, you’re not sacrificing filter quality.


If you’re looking for replacement dust collector filters, it’s worth your time to get a quote from us.


We make replacement dust collector filters for almost all manufacturers, including:

  • Donaldson Torit
  • Camfil Farr

    various different fume and dust collector filter options

    Filters come in many shapes and sizes. These are a few of those replacement options

  • Robovent
  • Clean Air America
  • TDC
  • Lincoln Electric
  • Mac
  • Chemco
  • Nordson
  • Environmental
  • Micro-Air
  • Many others… just call us and ask!



It’s easy to get a quote from us on filters made by most other manufacturers. Our specialized cross-matching system will match the part number you usually order with the right filter.

Don’t have a part number? We can still help you. Call us or send an email, and we’ll talk you through the measurements we need to get you a match.


Replacement dust collector filters for Donaldson Torit Filters

Replace dust collector filters for Donaldson Torit round and oval cartridge filters


Sometimes the wrong kind of filter won’t work for some applications. For example, if you have moisture damaging your filters, you may need a spunbond material that can resist water. If you’ve experienced a fire in your dust collector, it’s definitely worth investing in some fire-retardant filters. If your regular 80/20 filters are getting plugged up with dust after only a few months, you might want to try a nanofiber filter that will collect smaller particles.

Whatever problem you might be having, we can help. Talk to a filter expert right now on Live Chat (during normal business hours) or fill out a contact form!