Our Dust Collector Startup Service Gets You Up and Running

Oct 16, 2019

Need to make sure your dust collector startup goes smoothly? System startup service from Imperial Systems lets you have a technician on hand to manage the process. Even the best dust collection systems can experience minor glitches on startup. With our startup service, you’ll have someone onsite to keep everything on track.

Advantages of Our Dust Collector Startup Service

  • System startup technician onsite through the startup process
  • Help from someone who knows the details of your system
  • Up and running quicker saves money and downtime
  • Minor issues fixed before they become problems
  • All wiring and compressed air hookups checked and running
  • Experienced technician to walk you through your system functions

During your startup service, the Imperial Systems technician will walk you through the startup procedure. They will also guide you through the important parts of your system. They will help you feel more confident that your dust collection system is hooked up and running correctly.

Customers might run into minor problems or have questions during the dust collector startup. Our technicians can be on hand to get things back on track. Even better, they’re there in person, so they can teach you how to solve problems yourself in the future.

If you have questions about your dust collection system, the startup is a great time to ask. Schedule a system startup service and our experienced technician will answer your questions. They’ll show you where things are, and also give you some guidance for keeping your system running smoothly.

Other Dust Collector Services

If you already have a dust collection system, consider a visit from our ServiceMAXX team. This team of experienced technicians can do routine maintenance, troubleshooting, or repairs. Many of our customers rely on ServiceMAXX visits to help them:

  • A company’s toxic dust requires full-body safety suits to change filters. This makes filter changes time-consuming and difficult. They have regularly scheduled ServiceMAXX maintenance visits so our team can do the dirty work.
  • A facility that struggled with short filter life called in a ServiceMAXX team. Our technicians performed troubleshooting and recommended a different filter material. This solved the problem.
  • A company in a state with strict air quality standards has a ServiceMAXX team visit yearly to inspect the system and check for leaks. This keeps them in compliance and prevents future issues.
  • After a fire in their dust collector, a company called in the ServiceMAXX team to assess the damage. The team made repairs and recommended safety equipment that will prevent future fires.
  • Changing hundreds of bags in a large baghouse can be a huge, time-consuming task. That’s why one of our customers has a ServiceMAXX team come to do the dirty work instead of wasting their employees’ time doing it.

You Don’t Have to Be a Dust Collection Expert

Our customers do many different jobs, but most of them aren’t dust collection professionals. Fortunately, you don’t have to be.

With any new system, you can run into problems. Having a dust collector startup service team onsite means you have a professional to make everything run smoothly. We offer a dust collector system startup so you can get up and running with minimal downtime.

An existing dust collection system needs maintenance to keep working well. You can schedule regular ServiceMAXX visits to handle your preventative maintenance. If your dust collector isn’t running as well as it should be, our technicians can troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Dust Collector Startup Service FAQs

Q: How far will your team travel?

A: Our technicians travel all over the country. If necessary, they will schedule an overnight trip.

Q: What kind of equipment or supplies do we need to provide to your team?

A: Any equipment that our technicians can’t travel with, you will have to provide. If they will need personal protective equipment, please make them aware of this before their visit.

Q: How much does the service cost?

A: The cost of a visit depends on the services provided, among other things. If you call to set up a visit, we will review the expected costs with you before scheduling.

Q: Do you provide service for other manufacturers’ dust collectors?

A: We can provide service for any dust collector, not just our own. Our technicians have experience working on a wide variety of systems.


If you’re purchasing an Imperial Systems dust collection system, talk to us about the system startup service option. We can also add dust collector maintenance training as another option. If you already have a system and it needs maintenance or repairs, call us to schedule a ServiceMAXX visit!