Industrial Dust Extraction Safety

Nov 14, 2014

One of the main reasons for the installation of industrial dust extraction systems in an industrial workplace is keeping the employees and equipment safe from the hazardous effects of dust and fumes generated by industrial processes. Following that emphasis on safety, you will want to make sure you invest in high quality industrial dust collector systems that can do their job safely.

Although it may be tempting to look at affordability before quality, industrial dust extraction is an area in which you do not want to compromise on safety. Here are some tips for ensuring the safety of your dust collection equipment.

8 Tips For Safe Industrial Dust Extraction Systems:industrial dust extraction

  1.   Pressure Rating: You will want to find an industrial dust extraction system with high pressure ratings. If you invest in a durable system that is already equipped with proper protection, your additional protection costs will be decreased.

  2.  Ductwork: You could have the best system in the world, but if your ductwork is low grade and lacks essential parts like dampers and valves, the threat of serious, explosive malfunctions is still high.

  3.  Hopper Storage: The storage area beneath the hopper must be kept clean. If it is not consistently emptied, the pulse-cleaning system could be hindered.

  4.  PLC: A programmable logic controller (PLC) is something you will want to avoid to run your pulse-cleaning system. PLCs are too slow for fast-paced pulse-cleaning.

  5.  Filter Change: You’ll want a system with which filter exchanges can happen safely and with ease. If the filters are positioned high or in an inconvenient place, changing them out can be very taxing and even dangerous.

  6.  Filter Life: Filters are a very important piece of industrial dust extraction equipment. One of the most significant aspects of filters is their life span. The longer the filter life, the lower the costs and exposure to dust for employees.

  7.  Fire Prevention: Vertically mounted filters do not allow dust to accumulate on top of them, which eliminates a fire hazard. In addition, a number of features of industrial dust extraction systems can prevent fires such as flame-retardant filter media and spark arrestors.

   8.  Accessories: A number of safety additions can be added to your system. Railed platforms and ladders, lock-out doors, BIBO containment systems, and safety monitoring filters can all decrease the risk of hazards.

Imperial Systems offers high quality industrial dust extraction systems that meet all OSHA and EPA safety standards. You may want to add safety accessories, but you can be sure you have a safe and secure system from Imperial.

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