Imperial Systems Quarterly Newsletter | Issue 4

Dec 20, 2017

Imperial Systems Newsletter Issue 4 is the last one of the year and the best issue to date. Make sure to check out all of the articles and interview.

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Imperial Systems Goes to Fabtech Chicago


Good Luck With That - Smoley & Other Friends









It’s not in my official job title. It’s not what I was hired for. Underneath my ordinary day job in aftermarket sales, I have another responsibility. I am The Editor.

If you read our blog, our brochures, our newsletter, or our published magazine articles, you’ve read my work. It doesn’t have my name on it and I don’t care. Being The Editor has given me a chance to learn  more about our products, our customers, and this industry than I ever would have learned in sales.

Just about every person who works here has a wealth of knowledge and a unique story to tell. Putting those things into written form is what I do. I tap into the incredible resources I have all around me. I ask a lot of questions. Sometimes I get blank stares, and occasionally I get a “why exactly are you asking me this” look with raised eyebrows. But in the end, someone always has an answer.

The best thing about my secret job as The Editor is the pride I feel when our company’s written material sounds professional, when our blog posts are helpful to someone, or when an industry magazine publishes an article. All of this represents the ideas and knowledge of many people; I put it in words and make it sound good.

In a way, that’s how everything works here at Imperial Systems. Everything, from the products we make to the newsletter you’re reading, is the work of a team.