Shadow Fume Extractor as a particulate filter for viruses and bacteria

Apr 17, 2020

Address Indoor Air Quality Including Viruses, Pollen, and Other Unhealthy Particulate with the Mobile, Self-Cleaning, Plug-n-Play Shadow-2 Particulate Filter for viruses and bacteria.Shadow Compact Fume Extractor filter for viruses and bacteria

For industrial, light industrial, and even commercial environments where employees need to feel they’re in a safe, clean air space, the Shadow-2 self-cleaning, portable particulate filter may be a great fit. It is designed to be relatively compact but offers between 2,400 CFM (cubic feet per minute) – 3,200 CFM of HEPA (High Efficient Particulate Air) level filtration capturing 99.97% of .3 – 3 micron particulate based on particle count. In a space that is 20’ long x 20’ wide x 15’ high (6,000 ft³) the air could be exchanged or recirculated 32 times per hour. Whether it is pressurizing the space or pulling air out of the space and recirculating that air, the portable self-cleaning Shadow-2 does the job as a filter for viruses and bacteria.

Micro detritus for filter for viruses and bacteria

NASA research on HEPA filtration for sub-micron particles and viruses.

Great Applications for:

Nursing & Assisted Living
Commercial Kitchens
Shipping & Packaging Areas
Commercial Cannabis Operations


To figure out the air changes for your facility please use our Air Flow Calculator.