We understand that dust collection is a necessary evil when purchasing many types of equipment. At Imperial Systems, we want to take the weight of designing a dust collection system off your shoulders. Our team of dust collection experts and service professionals are here to help.

CMAXX Dust & Fume Collector

The CMAXX provides a dust and fume collection solution for shops of all sizes. Keep nuisance and combustible dusts in check with our modular, heavy duty flagship product.

Shadow Compact Fume Extractor with door open

Shadow Compact Fume Extractor

Our Shadow is a cost effective solution to weld fume and other non-combustible dusts. The Shadow arrives assembled and ready to plug in and turn on.

Shadow Compact Fume Extractor with door open

Air-Port Fume Exhaust Hood

The Air-Port is your solution for weld fume collection. With a variety of sizes and options, including a crane slot and a hanging, legless design, this hood works with any weld cell.