Podcast: Changes in the Dust Collection Equipment Landscape

May 23, 2019

Dust Safety Science Podcast: Changes in the Dust Collection Equipment Landscape with Jeremiah Wann

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Jeremiah Wann discussed dust collection changes during the podcast.“In this episode of the DustSafetyScience Podcast, we interview Jeremiah Wann, President of Imperial Systems, Inc., in Mercer, Pennsylvania, about changes in the dust collection equipment landscape.

Imperial Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of dust collection equipment and related safety systems. In his position as president of the company, Jeremiah has seen a lot of changes in the field over the past couple of decades, so he talks about:

  • How the landscape has changed for dust collectors and other dust-related safety equipment
  • How awareness has increased among his clients
  • The importance of getting your equipment tested as a manufacturer
  • Difficult situations where the customer is hesitant about installing combustible dust safety equipment

Jeremiah’s discussion has immense value because he brings a different perspective to the combustible dust safety issue. He is not a consultant, and he doesn’t serve on any NFPA boards. He is representative of a group that includes facility managers, equipment operators, equipment manufacturers, and insurance companies, and has an experience-based understanding that has enabled him to write several blog posts about combustible dust standards and measurement systems.”