DeltaMAXX Replacement Dust Collector Filters Clean Up Nicely in the Metal Industry.

Dec 9, 2013

Imperial Systems DeltaMAXX dust collector filters have proven their worth in the metal industry. Built for longevity with premium quality and endurance, the Deltamaxx cartridge dust collector filters deliver twice the service life, ultra-clean air, and unparalleled cost savings. The DeltaMAXX, no matter how challenging the operation conditions, sets the new standard of excellence for dust collector filters.

The DeltaMAXX’s unique NanoFiber Filtration Technology, incorporating a very fine surface layer of synthetic fibers to prevent particulates from embedding into the media, provides the industry’s highest ASHRAE MERV efficiency rating. In controlled Mass Emission tests, the revolutionary Imperial product pulsed 94% less- and emitted 97% less contaminant – when pitted against major category brands.

DeltaMAXX Replacement dust collector filters are manufactured directly for the metal industry. Whether the work includes taming smoke from welding, plasma cutting, thermal spray, or CNC cutting machines, among many other processes, DeltaMAXX replacement dust collector filters are made to endure these tough metal fabrication fumes.

Imperial Systems is your dust collector and industrial ventilation expert. The company designs, installs, and services complete systems, all backed by products and replacement parts that are constructed for optimal quality, safety, and value. Whether your work includes smoke from welding, plasma cutting, thermal spray, or carpentry, Imperial Systems has the dust collector to fill your needs.

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