Customer Photos Show CMAXX is Best Value in Vertical Collectors

Mar 27, 2017


No secret here that we love vertical dust collectors. They’re better than horizontal collectors in just about every way, which we discussed in our last post. Not all vertical dust collectors are created equal, however. Today, we’d like to share a customer’s experience with a competitor’s vertical dust collectors and why he’s choosing a CMAXX this time.

A manufacturing company approached us recently, looking to replace their current vertical cartridge collector. In the time since they purchased it, they’ve experienced many of the problems that we often see with other brands of dust collector. They even sent us pictures to show us what they were dealing with.

Rusted vertical dust collectorsRust is a major factor for any piece of metal equipment that’s going to be outside, exposed to the elements, for many years.  Most vertical dust collectors manufactured by competitors such as Camfil Farr and others are bolted together from the outside. Every external bolt hole is an opportunity for rust. In the photos, it’s easy to see where the bolt holes have rusted and allowed rust to form all over the collector.

The customer told us that they prefer the CMAXX design specifically because of experiencing this problem with their current collector. There are no external bolt holes on the CMAXX, so this is one problem they won’t have to worry about.

FARR Dust Collector rusted bolts

Another problem the customer has experienced with their current vertical dust collector is the roof: they have had to repaint it three times just to keep it from rusting through completely. This is a major issue, because a hole in the roof would allow the cartridges to get wet and be ruined. The customer has had serious concerns about the roof of this collector for years and has been struggling to keep the rust problem under control.

The customer liked the domed CrownTech roof of the CMAXX, which allows snow, water, and debris to slide off the roof instead of sitting on top. Unlike any of our competitors in the vertical dust collector market, the CMAXX is specifically designed to solve the problem of rusting on the collector roof. On a Camfil Farr or any other brand of vertical dust collector, everything that falls onto the roof sits on the roof. Over time, this causes the roof to rust and fail.

FARR Rusted Bolts and Rusted Roof

When you choose a dust collector, you’re making a major investment. Like our customer, you’re expecting this purchase to last for many years. You know you’ll have to replace filters. You’re expecting that certain parts, like valves, may need maintenance occasionally. This is typical maintenance you’ll perform on any vertical cartridge collector, whether it’s a CMAXX, Camfil Farr, or any other brand. However, repairing holes in a rusting roof isn’t something you probably planned to do, and with the CMAXX design you won’t have to.

Our customer sent us these photographs of their current collector to show us the concerns they had with it, especially the issue of rust on the roof and around external bolts. They are switching to CMAXX because it’s designed not to have these problems. With no external bolt holes and a domed roof to protect it from the weather, their new collector will give them many years of rust-free service.