Cheap Replacement Filters: The Real Cost

May 18, 2016

Cheap replacement filters can come at a cost.  A Pennsylvania company specializing in polishing and plating tools, molds, and dies found out how much difference the right filter can make.

On a tight budget, they searched  for a filter that could handle not only their metal dust but also the oily residue that was pulled into the system with it.  They purchased the least expensive filter they could find. The real cost of that decision?  The company ended up changing their filters three or more times a year, costing them money not just for the filters, but for the down time and maintenance required to change them so frequently.

They needed a better solution.  An Imperial Systems aftermarket professional was able to work with them to determine that a DeltaMAXXTM nanofiber filter might give them the improved durability and filter life that they needed.  After they installed these new filters, the company was more than satisfied.

“Our cost in filters and down time are at their lowest,” a company representative stated. “Now we have filters in our dust collectors that last four times longer.”


Cheap replacement filters that are of poor quality only costs you more in the long run.  Imperial Systems is  proud to help numerous companies just like this one find the right replacement filter to meet their needs! Whether it’s our DeltaMAXXTM nanofiber fire retardant media, spunbond media with PTFE coating for the most extreme demands of pulse-cleaning efficiency, or any other special needs you might have, we can help. Our aftermarket service specialists will talk to you about your process, your current system, and any issues you might be having. Their job is to find the answers you need quickly to ensure your returning business.

No matter what type of dust collector system you have installed, the Imperial Systems Aftermarket team will find the best filter replacement solution.  Call today to find out more  at 800-918-3013!