Dust Collection System Maintenance Done Right With ServiceMAXX

Dust Collection System Maintenance Done Right With ServiceMAXX

Discover the vast benefits of ServiceMAXX from Imperial Systems for all your dust collection needs

When quality is of the utmost importance, the continuing clients of Imperial Systems know that their dust collection equipment and servicing is reflective of a commitment to outstanding, high quality products and offerings to keep buyer’s employees and businesses safe from pollution, unsafe work environments, and the potential dangers faced by those who are employed in the metalworking industry.

Best-Dust-CollectorDust collection equipment offered by Imperial Systems such as the CMAXX™ Dust Collection System and the DeltaMAXX™ Cartridge Filters are designed to provide many years of air filtration and air pollution control. Cleaner air means a healthier workplace environment––decreasing employee and production downtime. Using advanced and superior technology to provide our clients with the highest-quality pollution and particulate control is what Imperial Systems does best.

Paired with our solutions to manage dust collection in the metalworking industry, we provide dedicated and knowledgeable maintenance services through ServiceMAXX, a program which provides high quality, worry-free maintenance of your dust collection system and most importantly, your investment in a safe working environment free of particulates. Our experts will guide you in evaluating the equipment you have and design a customized and regularly scheduled maintenance program to give you best return on your dust collection system all year round.

At Imperial Systems, we are dedicated to to helping metalworkers like you ensure the safety of your employees and efficiency of your workplace with ServiceMAXX. Keeping a maintenance schedule ensures that your dust collection equipment stays up-to-date and that no issues go unnoticed between checkups.

Below are the comprehensive points of our ServiceMAXX program:Top-Dust-Collector-Replacement-Filter

  • Priority over non-contracted service customers
  • Enhances performance from a machine that is properly adjusted and calibrated
  • Operating budgets are more accurate due to knowing the cost of maintenance
  • Reduces the risk of downtime productivity loss
  • No need to stop your production––Our trained ServiceMAXX Service Technicians handle it all
  • Program available throughout the continental US
  • Lower operating costs with scheduled maintenance vs. unplanned breakdowns

Proper preventative maintenance on your CMAXX™ Dust Collection System through the ServiceMAXX program will ensure both the cleanest air possible and maximizing the life of the equipment you’ve invested in.


What Does ServiceMAXX Include?

Now that we’ve discussed the high-level benefits of the ServiceMAXX program, here are the specific offerings Imperial Systems can provide for proper care of your dust collection system.

It’s important to remember that these services are designed primarily to save you time, money, and headaches while you’re making the most of your dust collection system:

  • Visual inspection of internal components
  • Airlock inspection if applicable
  • Filter replacement and tube sheet cleaning (with purchase of filters)
  • Observe and verify proper machine operation
  • Identify needed parts
  • Recommend maintenance
  • Identify components nearing the end of life
  • Calibration, tune-ups and updates
  • Visual inspection of duct
  • Free telephone support

As evidenced above, the level and quality of service provided in the ServiceMAXX program reflects our commitment to making lasting client relationships and utilizing our experience and knowledge to better serve our clients and their commitment to providing a pollution and particulate-free working environment for their metalworkers.

deltamaxx multiple cartridge


Why You Can’t Afford the Time or the Effort of Not Having ServiceMAXX

In the metalworking industry especially, it’s important to place the safety of your employees above all else, and proper preventative maintenance can do a lot to relieve the stress of not knowing whether or not your system in functioning at full efficacy.

The cost of not taking extra care of your investment could be dangerous not only to your employees’ working environment but also your bottom line and return on investment. A scheduled ServiceMAXX™ program for your company is a common sense approach to managing your investment in the highest quality dust collection products.

Our team of experts will be able to diagnose and solve problems if they ever arise. There’s no one else with better knowledge than Imperial Systems on how to handle issues ranging from the ordinary to the severe.
No one likes an unplanned equipment breakdown. Most often, breakdowns like these don’t happen at random but are instead an cumulative result of everyday use over years. Businesses that forgo a comprehensive maintenance program often spend more money on expensive repairs, or, if the problem is not addressed promptly, a need for an entirely new system.

By having a regularly scheduled maintenance program like Imperial System’s ServiceMAXX, you can worry less about the safety of your work environment and more about the core functions of your business. Everything from elevators to automobiles have mandatory inspections in order to ensure safety so why shouldn’t your dust collection system?

Your metalworking business is not like those of other industries where the environment is not at increased risk of combustible dust or air pollution. It is vital that you act on your promise to the utmost safety and reliability of your dust collection equipment. Choosing ServiceMAXX is an extra investment but a necessary one over the long-lasting life of your dust collection system.



Choose Imperial Systems Today


If you haven’t yet decided whether or not to utilize the ServiceMAXX program, contact Imperial Systems today for a consultation at 800.918.3013 or learn more by emailing us at info@isystemsweb.com.

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Why You Should Invest In Quality Dust Control Systems from Imperial Systems

Why You Should Invest In Quality Dust Control Systems from Imperial Systems

If you’re seeking quality dust control systems for your metalworking needs, look no further than Imperial Systems!

What are the main safety hazards metal fabricators face in the metalworking industry? The primary safety hazard that metalworkers face is the threat of fires or explosions due to combustible dust within the atmosphere of the metal facility.  The only way to avoid these hazards are by preventing and limiting the buildup of dust particles within the facility. The other safety hazards are exposure to the pollution of dust, fumes, smoke, and chemicals. Continuous exposure to these metal pollutants can cause serious health issues such as:  respiratory diseases (asthma, pulmonary edema), Cancer, contact dermatitis, and nervous system disorders.

dust control systemsThe Occupational Safety & Health Administration has a set of standards that all manufacturing facilities abide by in order to maintain a safe working environment for their employees:

  • Implementation of hazardous dust inspection, housekeeping, testing, and control programs
  • Use of proper dust control systems
  • Reduce the amount of  dust particles escaping the ventilation system
  • Make hidden areas accessible to inspection
  • Regularly inspect for dust residue on all areas
  • Properly train employees for preventing fires and explosions
  • Have employees wear protective eyewear and masks

Imperial Systems’ CMAXX™:  Quality Dust Control Systems

Imperial Systems agrees that investing in high quality dust control systems can decrease the hazards of metalworking by limiting the amount of dust being released into the environment of the metalworking facility. Our CMAXX™ Dust Collection Systems can reduce the risk of combustion, reduce exposure to your employees, meets and exceeds OSHA and NFPA standards, and saves you money on time and maintenance.

The CMAXX™ Dust Collector System is one of the best options on the market.  With vertical cartridge design and advanced, nanofiber technology, this system offers a much longer filter life than other dust control systems. Additionally, the CMAXX™ Dust Collector System has 10% more filter media than other same-sized vertical cartridge collectors, and it offers 20% more area around the cartridge filters causing more dust to drop in the hopper before attaching to the filters.

If you want the advantage of safety and savings in a highly efficient dust control system then  the CMAXX™ Dust Collection Systems delivers that and so much more:

  • No trailer truck hardware here. CMAXX™ has military grade door latches.
  • Increased cleaning power with our energy efficient, high performance Manifold Mounted Pulse Valves.
  • 15 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • PD Technology for maximum cleaning performance – Up to Twice the Filter Life
  • Less service time with a tool-free, heavy duty filter door
  • Fewer internal ledges for dust to build up – no internal frame on dirty air plenum
  • Provides 100% Total pulse distribution across the filter media

The time to invest in a quality dust collection system is now!

For more information on how CMAXX™ Dust Collection Systems can decrease your costs, and improve the safety of your metalworking facility contact Imperial Systems today!

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What Makes DeltaMAXX™ the Best Dust Collector Cartridge Filter

What Makes DeltaMAXX™ the Best Dust Collector Cartridge Filter

Imperial Systems helps you find the best dust and fume collector system for your manufacturing facility.

Every metalworking environment requires a dust collection system to protect the health of on-site workers and the integrity of all machinery and processes.  Imperial Systems DeltaMAXX™ dust collector cartridge filters are designed to maintain highest performance possible, thereby providing the most comprehensive protection for your facility and related business.  Here are some of the DeltaMAXX™ features which make it the best dust collector cartridge filter on the market:

best dust collector cartridge filterEfficiency

Fabric and bag dust collectors tend to decline in efficiency as they fill, often beginning to expel fine dust at only half capacity. The DeltaMAXX™ design creates a multi-stage dust collection process; because there are several filter cartridges in place, they collect more dust and micron particles than other systems even when the initial stage filter is full. This process completely removes the dust before it can hit the clean air chamber, ensuring that no particles are blown back into the work environment. Multi-stage filters also allow equipment to remain running while the filters are changed out, preventing any disruption in air quality.


Single-stage dust collection systems can only be used in limited production scenarios, but DeltaMAXX™ remains the best dust collector cartridge filter by offering a diverse range of applications including pharmaceuticals, food and grain, metalworking and more. With a wide selection of sizes and capabilities, CMAXX™ dust collectors are available as small as portable downdraft benches or as large as foundry operation systems.

Low Maintenance

As other filters fill up, their ability to trap fine particulates diminishes, and cleaning the filter can be a hassle – sometimes requiring up to two hours and two people in dust masks for completion. Conversely, DeltaMAXX™ cartridge dust cartridges are removable, allowing one worker to replace all of the filters at once, a process usually completed in less than one hour.

DeltaMAXX Best Dust Collector Cartridge Filter

The DeltaMAXX™ cartridge filter by Imperial Systems delivers the longest filter life, cleanest air and the greatest cost savings through:

  • The most advanced nanofiber technology on the market
  • Impressive MERV 15 filtration efficiency
  • Extended filter life (up to twice as long as competitors’)
  • The industry’s best surface loading technology
  • Reduced operational costs

The DeltaMAXX™ best dust collector cartridge filter is available for all makes and models of cartridge dust collectors.  

In addition to providing superior products, we also provide some of the best service in the industry.  From expert representatives dedicated to solving your dust collection problems to fast shipping and handling, we help you get what you need to keep your manufacturing processes going smoothly.

For more information, contact Imperial Systems today at 800.918.3013.

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22 Facts You Don’t Know About Ductwork (But You Should)

22 Facts You Don’t Know About Ductwork (But You Should)

Discover the customized ductwork solutions you need.

IMG_0787Here at Imperial Systems, we’ve been manufacturing customized sheet metal ductwork since 2001.  With all that experience, we feel proud to call ourselves experts in the industry.  However, a lot of the individuals and businesses we serve know that they need a customized ductwork solution, but they don’t know that much about the product itself.  This can be a major problem for businesses or individuals who are trying to make a serious investment in their business and its safety, when they are unable to determine exactly what they need and who can best help them reach their goals.

So, we want to share our expertise with you!  Discover the practical–and sometimes entertaining–facts about the world of ductwork fabrication and installation.  

Interesting Fun Facts About Ductwork


  • Let’s start simple: ductwork is one word. Despite the countless times it’s misspelled as two words, it really is just one word.
  • Sheet metal bending isn’t as old as you think it is.  Manufacturing and production using the material really took off in the late 1800s during the Industrial Revolution, as assembly lines and new machines made it a practical and profitable endeavor.
  • Ductwork is an Imperial Systems tradition.  In fact, we started as a custom sheet metal ductwork before our industrial dust collectors!  With that kind of experience, we’re confident that we’re still the best in the industry.
  • There are 3 main techniques for bending sheet metal: Bottoming, Coining, and Air Bending.  Each method uses different tools to bend sheet metal for all sorts of purposes… including ductwork.
  • Stiffening is a key component to ductwork compliance.  In fact, the SMACNA sheet metal standards call for ductwork of different gauges to be stiffened to ensure it will be durable and not warp during operation.
  • Round ducts are stiffened differently than rectangular ones.  Round ducts receive stiffening ribs at equal intervals.  Rectangular ducts receive cross-braking and beading techniques, depending upon the machinery used and the intended application.
  • We offer HUNDREDS of different ductwork components.  We know different parts are necessary for different applications; you should know that we’ve always got you covered. You can check them all out in our full catalog.

  • Imperial Systems Professional Shots 065Whether you’re a food processing company or a major basket maker, we’ve got you covered.  That’s right, baskets.  When the Longaberger Company needed new, highly efficient ductwork for their new building, they reached out to Imperial Systems because of our prices, services, and expertise.
  • Fabricated Gore Elbows are our most common elbow.  Thanks to their versatility and the adjustments that can be made to the radius based on application, we use this elbow in virtually every industry.
  • Our Floor Sweeps are hands free.  To operate the hinged door that seals off the air flow when not in use, we added a lever on the side of the door that can be operated by foot.
  • Heavy wear applications don’t slow us down.  Our heavy duty flat back elbows are a square constructed elbows with a 10 ga. housing and a ¼” plate back which can be either welded solid or bolted for replacement without removing the whole elbow.  This heavy duty construction makes them perfect for the toughest of applications.      
  • The most common ductwork material is carbon steel, but it isn’t your only option.  Our fully welded pipe comes in galvanized, stainless, and painted.
  • You could crawl through our ducts… but you probably shouldn’t.  All of our welded pipe is smooth inside and free of burrs and rough edges.   So, if you’re on a super spy mission, you don’t have to worry about skinned knees.  But unless you actually on a secret mission, you should probably keep your feet on the ground.
  • Good ductwork is dust collection’s best friend.  The ductwork of an industrial dust collection system connects its hoods, air cleaning device, and fan.  You can have the best device in the world, but if your ductwork is poorly constructed or improperly sized, you’re not going to get the results you need.
  • Ductwork for dust collection is different than ductwork for HVAC or fume extraction.  Tapered systems are typically used with dust collectors, while plenum systems are used more often for HVAC systems, and occasionally for fume extractors.
  • When choosing ductwork for industrial dust collection, you need to answer three key questions.  Industrial Ventilation, Inc. recommends asking the following three questions (and we completely agree.)  What exhaust volume is required at each dust collection point?  What particulates are being collected?  What are the conveying velocity requirements?
  • Dirty ductwork could be costing you.  Over time, debris can accumulated in the ductwork of industrial dust collection exhaust systems, decreasing their ability to perform at the optimal level.  In fact, a buildup can lead to a loss of up to 42% efficiency!  Poor performance can lead to major problems, including health problems in employees and higher running costs.
  • It’s not just the dust collector… your ductwork has to meet NFPA standards too. If your industrial duct system is being used for dust collector exhaust, it is imperative that it meet these standards.  Ensuring that your system has adequate conveying air velocity for the load it will be handling is imperative to avoiding debris buildup in ducts and reducing the risk of explosion.ComDust-Pentagon-1000
  • You don’t necessarily have to look inside ducts to identify areas of dust accumulation.  In fact, there are a number of telling visual clues you can look for, including:


    • A main duct diameter that doesn’t enlarge after branch junctions
    • A branch duct joining the main duct at a T junction
    • A main duct that is blanked off
    • A ductwork system that includes too much flexible hose
    • A smaller diameter duct abruptly joining a larger diameter one
    • A duct blast gate that isn’t locked in position


  • You don’t have to be an expert in ductwork.  Although these facts are certainly a great starting place, you don’t need to be an expert in the world of customized ductwork to get the products you need to keep your business running safely and efficiently.  Instead, you can work with the experts at Imperial Systems.  Just tell us about your business and what needs you are trying to meet; we’ll help you select or design the perfect solution for you.

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about industrial ductwork, you may be wondering if your company’s ductwork is actually up to par.  Or, you may know that it’s time for an upgrade or other major change.  No matter what stage you are in, let us
Have questions about any of the facts you read today?  Let us know in the comments section below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!  If you have specific products about how our products and services may be able to help your business, give us a call today at 800.918.3013.

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Combat Combustible Dust With The Top Dust Collector Cartridge Filters

Combat Combustible Dust With The Top Dust Collector Cartridge Filters

Let your employees breathe easy with the industry’s best cartridge filters!

Step foot into a metalworking plant and you’ll see that the conditions are dirty. On a day to day basis, metal fabricators are welding, laser cutting, smelting, grinding, refining, and casting. Each one of the processes produce dust, sparks, fumes, and smoke that can be hazardous to the health and well being of the workers. In order to prevent and maintain a safe environment the Occupational Safety & Health Administration has implemented standards in the metalworking industry that ensure that each place of employment is free from hazards that causes death or that is likely to cause death or serious injury.

Top-Dust-Collector-Cartridge-FiltersIndustrial Dust collection systems and cartridge filters play a fundamental role in handling dangerous explosions, fires, and fumes. To ensure your dust collection system is functioning optimally, you need to be confident in your choice of cartridge filters.  According to Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s  dust collection recommendations,  each metalworking plant should use proper dust collections systems and filters. At Imperial Systems our DeltaMAXX dust collector cartridge filters comply with the standards set by OSHA and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  

The Advantage of DeltaMAXX Quality Dust Collector Cartridge Filters

Our DeltaMAXX quality dust collector cartridge filters are designed to maintain highest performance possible.  Our cartridge filters offer many advantages including:

  • The highest quality pleated media having a 99.9% efficiency .3 – .5 Micron
  • Longer filter life due to the industry’s best surface loading performance by enhancing dust cake release.
  • Our DeltaMAXX filters have the most Advanced NanoFiber Technology.  The NanoFiber surface stops submicron particles from entering and becoming embedded into the media beneath the NanoFiber.
  • MERV 15 Filtration Efficiency.  
  • Our filters offer you up to twice the filter life of the industry standard, saving you time and money.
  • The advanced nanofiber media dust remains on the surface which means less pulse cleaning.
  • Lower operational mass emissions.
  • The fine surface layers of the synthetic fibers keeps the dust particles from embedding deep into the media.
  • Twice the Filter Life
  • DeltaMAXX cartridge filters can fit all makes and models of dust collection systems.

Our quality dust collector cartridge filters are designed with the metalworker in mind. These filters are designed to provide above standard air quality, and give the metalworking industry an opportunity to provide a safe working environment for your employees.

At Imperial Systems, we’ve dedicated over 30 years providing quality and safety to those in the manufacturing industries. For more information on the best cartridge filters for your dust collection system, contact us today at 800.918.3013.

Top Dust Collector Cartridge Filters | Top Dust Collector Cartridge Filter

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DeltaMAXX Bag House Filters Increases Safety For the BRF Dust Collector System

DeltaMAXX Bag House Filters Increases Safety For the BRF Dust Collector System

Choosing second best can cost lives!

The food processing industry has a wide array of categories of foods being processed. Foods like sugars, cereals, grains, dairy, spices, and many other foods that require an air purification and dust collector system to keep their employees safe and the contaminants out.  Imperial Systems, provides one of the best grain loading dust collection systems in North America.

Bag-House-FiltersWithin the last 35 years, grain dust explosions have cost the lives of “more than 180 people and injured 675 people” according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  To lessen the severity of grain dust explosions and to ensure the safety of those in the grain loading business, Imperial Systems Baghouse Dust Collector Systems along with our DeltaMAXX bag house filters are able to provide exceptional quality, value, and safety. To minimize injuries and the loss of life in the grain loading business don’t choose second best!

Why Our Bag House Filters and Dust Collector Systems Are Superior

Baghouse Dust Collector System

The dangers of grain loading requires a dust collector system you can trust to keep the dust and particulates under control.  You also need a dust collector system that’s in compliance with the safety guidelines of the NFPA and OSHA. Imperial Systems, BRF Baghouse Dust Collector does that and so much more!

  • NFPA approved explosion venting
  • Minimal wear on parts
  • Cleaning system comes with an 8 year warranty
  • Explosion proof electric motors within clean air plenum
  • Accommodates higher dust loads
  • Superior cleaning system
  • Strong and Precise welds
  • Sturdy 7 and 10 gauge construction
  • Minimum wear on part

Another added benefit to the BRF Dust Collector system is the filter life of our bag house filters!

DeltaMAXX Bag House Filters

Our DeltaMAxx filter bags will provide you with the longest filter life, the greatest cost of savings, and the cleanest air.   Our filters last twice as long as market standard filters. Our welded seam replacement filter bags reduce the risk of leaking particulates through the needle holes. Worrying about abrasive dust tearing apart the sewing at the seam is no longer an issue with these filters, and the method we use is more cost effective.

For three decades Imperial Systems has been dedicated in creating the safest and highest quality dust collector systems for your business. When you think safety think Imperial Systems! Contact us today at 800.918.3013 for more information on our grain loading dust collector systems.

Bag House Filters | Bag House Filter

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