Rhino Drum Kit feature callouts
A. Slide Gate B. Tool Free Sliding Coupler C. Bonding Wire D. Drum Lid Clamp E. Heavy Duty 55gal Drum F. Drum Dolly

A. Slide Gate

The slide gate allows maintenance personnel to easily isolate the Rhino Drum from the hopper of the dust collector. Close the slide gate when emptying the drum to prevent dust from falling out of the hopper onto the floor.

B. Tool Free Sliding Coupler

This tool-free coupler allows for easy access to the drum. Simply slide up and twist to lock the lid in place before rolling the drum out from beneath.

C. Bonding Wire

The bonding wire is an included feature to connect the Rhino Drum to a properly grounded dust collector. The drum is also bonded directly to the lid.

D. Drum Lid Clamp

The drum lid clamp ensures that the drum is properly sealed. The clamp’s simple latch doesn’t complicate barrel changeout, but contains fire or explosion in the event of an incident.

E. Heavy Duty 55gal Drum

The Rhino Drum comes with a heavyweight 55 gallon drum and is available in other sizes to fit many different dust collector configurations.

F. Drum Dolly

The included drum dolly lends a great benefit to drum emptying. Once the lid mechanism has been lifted and locked into place, the drum simply rolls out from beneath it – no hydraulic drum lift needed.