Feature Diagram Shadow Low Profile
A. Header Tank B. Primary Filter Door D. Discharge Access Door E. Filter Gauges F. Control Panel H. Fan Access Panel I. HEPA Access Panel

A. Header Tank

The header tank includes a pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, diaphragm valves, and is connected to the solenoid valve. The header tank supplies compressed air to the body of the unit to pulse clean the fume extractor filters.

B. Primary Filter Door

This provides access to the body of the collector for easy change out of DeltaMAXX Prime fume extractor filters and includes a serial tag for quick reference.

D. Discharge Access Door

The discharge access door allows for quick access to the material collection bucket to easily dispose of welding fume or laser cutter fumes.

E. Filter Gauges

These gauges help determine when it is time to change the fume extractor filters as well as the HEPA filter.

F. Control Panel

The Shadow's control panel is prewired for easy installation and has the capability to be run remotely when used as a laser fume extraction system.

H. Fan Access Panel

This panel offers tool free access to the fan, making any necessary maintenance simple.

I. HEPA Access Panel

This tool free access panel makes changing your industrial fume extractor unit's HEPA filter easy.