Imperial Systems Quarterly Newsletter | Issue 10

Oct 2, 2019

Here it is! Dusty Jobs 10 takes a look at the 2019 AWFS Fair in Las Vegas as well as a recent CMAXX installation for a high school wood shop. Charlie talks about the difference between blue boxes, green boxes, red boxes, and our boxes. Lastly, we bid a retirement farewell to Carl Callen, a twelve and a half year employee with Imperial Systems. If you would like a printed hard copy of this issue, contact your Imperial Systems, Inc. representative.

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Dusty Jobs cover issue X

AWFS Fair Las Vegas 2019

Good Luck With That - Coke or Pepsi?

Banner image says CMAXX Cleans Up at High School

A Letter from the Supply Chain Manager

Portrait photo of Mark RanelliAbout six years ago, I was presented two job opportunities at the same time. The first was a local company that was about a 5 minute drive from home, well established and had a decent reputation to work for. The second opportunity was Imperial Systems. This was at least a 35 minute drive. I had never heard of them, and they were offering less money than my first opportunity. Now, in a simplistic world this would have been an easy decision to make.

I sat and discussed this with my wife, all the pros and cons from each establishment and what would be the best long-term decision for my family and myself. The decision was pretty easy on what I had to do, but it wasn’t easy. There was something about the Imperial Systems interviews that had me thinking this would be a good company, one that I want to be a part of and want to work for. As I told my wife what my decision was, she was kind of shocked but 100% supportive of my decision.

As life progressed forward with Imperial, I noticed this was a special place to be working and different than any other companies I have worked for in the past. Being in the supply chain field for over 25 years, I realized how the company operates fundamentally, and the integrity standards that need to be upheld takes priority over the so called “bottom line”. I have worked for a few different companies, some large and some small. This was the first time in my career I ever felt they have the same beliefs as I do on how people and challenges in the everyday work place should be addressed. Every once in a while I do sit back and think to myself on how I actually made the decision to choose Imperial over the other place. It is beyond me, and it basically comes down to two things: (1) willing to take the chance and (2) faith. And this without a doubt is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I know companies will say “we are like family” but never actually do anything when an employee is in need. Personally, I had to deal with some extended family medical issues in the past and Imperial Systems has always treated me and the situation as if it was their own while not even thinking twice about it. When I say Imperial Systems is “a different place to work for” or “special” they are not words just being spoken but actual actions that were taken that leads to this.

The experiences, thought processes, and knowledge from the owner to the vice president and all the team members are valuable lessons we learn together and practice together. I will never forget the challenges we had when we were discussing our plan on moving to the new building. Some of us just looked at each and wondered how we were going to do this. The plan, moving a complete facility in about a weeks’ time from manufacturing to the administration offices without shutting down and not missing ship dates, seemed insurmountable. As this started there would be meetings, plans, and goals that were set which to some companies would be nearly impossible. Long story short, we did it, and that’s when you will sit back and realize you are working for a special place with great team members and have the attitude that you “want to” and never feel you “have to”.

To work at Imperial Systems is something to be proud of. We take great pride in what we do and how we do it, so at the end of the day we can look another person straight in the eye and tell them “we are the best”.

Mark Ranelli, Supply Chain Manager