Powder Coating Company Needed Solution to Static Charge Build-Up in Their Dust Collection System

Powder Coating Company Needed Solution to Static Charge Build-Up in Their Dust Collection System

Product:  Dust Collection System Filters

Application:  Capture dust and fumes from powder coating process

Customer:  Small powder coating shop in rural Alabama

The Challenge:  Bobby, the owner of the company had concerns about static charges building up inside their dust collector. Powder coating is an electrostatic process and his equipment was causing small “flash” ignitions within the collector. This was an obvious safety issue and he knew he needed help in finding a cartridge filter that could be grounded.  His current filter supplier was not able to solve the problem.

The Solution:  He discovered Imperial Systems and discussed the issue with one of our Aftermarket team members. Once they understood Bobby’s concerns, they were able to determine the correct filter medium and other modifications to address the problem. A DeltaMAXXTM aluminum spunbond cartridge filter with a connected ground wire was the solution for this type of problem.  Once the new filters were installed and grounded properly, the static discharge was alleviated.  Bobby was very pleased with the results.  “We’ve had no more problems with static and the filters are doing exactly what they’re supposed to do”.

He was very appreciative of our help and will definitely contact Imperial Systems for any future filter needs.

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Case Study – Weld Smoke Extraction Problems at a Metal Fabrication Facility

Case Study – Weld Smoke Extraction Problems at a Metal Fabrication Facility

Case Study – Weld Smoke Extraction Problems at This Metal Fabrication Facility Solved with the CMAXXTM Dust and Fume Collector


Product: CMAXXTM (CM020) Dust Collector (Total of 3 units)

Application: Capture weld smoke and fumes

Customer: Masaba, Metal Working Fabricator of Bulk Handling Equipment for Mining, Aggregate, Agriculture, etc.

The Challenge:  Masaba’s manufacturing facility has a high ceiling that would become filled with smoke and fumes from their various welding bays. The old roof mounted system that was used to extract the weld smoke and fumes from the facility was not working properly.  This system was a hybrid HVAC unit that incorporated industrial air filters. The weld smoke being produced during daily production proved to be too much for the current air extraction unit.  The return air into the facility was not being filtered adequately, which defeated the purpose of the system altogether.

The Solution:  The President of Masaba, Jerad Higman, was not satisfied with the current situation.  As a business owner, he cared very much about his employee’s health and having a clean working environment.  Though the air quality was good enough in the shop, Jerad wanted to make it even better and decided a new, more effective system design was needed.  He called upon top industry dust collection manufacturers, Camfil Farr, Donaldson Torit, and Imperial Systems, Inc. to provide the best solution to his facilities’ air quality problems.  He knew each company was capable of solving the problem, but after meeting with Imperial System’s President, Jeremiah Wann, and hearing his ideas about mitigating all the weld smoke issues, Jerad knew he had found the right company.

A relationship of trust quickly developed between Jerad and Jeremiah as they worked together on the design and layout for the new system.  “I had a great experience in working with Jeremiah and Imperial Systems”, Jerad says.  “I really liked the fact that they are an American owned company and were always available when we needed them.”

The installation of an ambient weld smoke system was the ultimate choice to clear Masaba’s facility of dirty air.  Imperial Systems installed three exterior CMAXXTM (CM020) collector units and associated ductwork as part of the new system.  Masaba manufactured the hoods that covered each welding bay.  Once everything was connected, it didn’t take long after the system start-up to see the built up weld smoke dissipate.   The new CMAXXTM system was moving and recycling the total air volume inside the shop six times per hour.  The return air was being filtered properly by the DeltaMAXXTM filters, resulting in cleaner air and healthier environment.

Jerad Higman was amazed at the difference.  “I was very impressed at how effective the CMAXX collectors were operating.” He goes on to say, “To this day, I have not experienced any problems with them and I would highly recommend Imperial Systems products to anyone that has issues with the air quality in their shop.  Their level of expertise and service is just outstanding.”

For more information on how CMAXXTM Dust and Fume Collection systems can benefit your facility, call one of our experienced team members at 800-918-3013 or visit Imperial System’s website today.

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PVC Pulverizing Process Creates Fume and Dust Problems for a Major Recycling Company

PVC Pulverizing Process Creates Fume and Dust Problems for a Major Recycling Company


Product:  BRF Baghouse (8BRF 152-10 with after filter plenum)

Application:  Capture dust and fumes from pulverizing PVC regrind

Customer:  PVC recycling for door and window frame industry

The Challenge: Due to rigid air quality control guidelines set by the state of Nevada, our customer’s facility expansion plans, which included pulverizing PVC regrind that they produce, needed a solution to control dust and fumes created from that process.

The Solution: The customer never had to deal with such stringent air quality control guidelines before, and they needed a guarantee that a dust collection vendor could meet and exceed the Nevada requirements. After meeting with several companies, all of whom could not guarantee results, they contacted Imperial Systems. Upon traveling to their facility in Ohio, Imperial not only guaranteed results but proved it as well. How did they do this?

Jeremiah Wann, President and CEO of Imperial Systems, built a smaller version of the after filter plenum and asked to tie it into the discharge from two of their Pulverizers. “Our main concern was a blue smoke/mist that is created during this process,” says Kurt K., Director of West Coast Operations. Once the filter plenum was connected, Kurt was convinced. “There was no smoke or mist visible, and the odor was gone.”

They purchased a BRF (8BRF 152-10) to handle the collection of the dust and fumes created by the pulverization process. Due to Nevada law, a licensed mechanical contractor had to be used for installation. Imperial Systems sent a technical supervisor to oversee installation, and everything went extremely well.

As far as operation results? “It has performed exactly as we were told it would,” says Kurt. “The system has been in operation for over a year now, and there is no hint of dust or fumes from the system’s discharge.”

Kurt recommends Imperial Systems to anyone that has dust and fume issues. “Our collector has done exactly what Imperial said it would do, and in business, that is the bottom line.”

He also had this to say about the level of service he received from the Imperial Systems team. “I have been very satisfied. Everyone I had dealings with has been helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant. Imperial worked everything out to my satisfaction, which made it a good experience overall.”

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CMAXX helps out a nearby Automotive and Construction Plant.

CMAXX helps out a nearby Automotive and Construction Plant.

Product: CMAXX (CM-016) Application: Cement

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Imperial System’s CMAXX Dust Collection System helps out a nearby Automotive and Construction Chemical Plant.

The subject of this case study is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial, automotive, and construction specialty chemicals. The company focuses its products into markets such as: concrete, waterproofing, roofing, flooring, and industrial manufacturing. They distributes their chemicals to businesses such as Home Depot as well as contractors, auto manufacturers, and other industrial companies.

After experiencing industrial hygiene and reliability issues with the prior dust collection system, this company sought to find an industrial dust collection manufacturer the company could build trust with.

The goal was to find a responsive company that packages both great customer service as well as having a dust collector with reliability traits and easy to maintain service. Imperial Systems CMAXX Industrial Dust Collector fit the bill.

Beginning their search with local distributors, they reached out to a few companies that ultimately did not have neither the knowledge nor the dust collector the company wanted to put their long term trust into. After reaching out to a mutual distributor that both Imperial Systems and them have a relationship with, the group was were blown away by Imperial System’s CMAXX Industrial Dust Collector.

Ultimately what sold the job was not only the design and style of the CMAXX Industrial Dust Collector, but the responsiveness and personal interactions that they valued so much.

Results & Benefits:
According to the plant engineer, the CMAXX is running flawlessly and has improved efficiency and air quality around the shop.
When asked “What the benefits they experienced from working with us is?” the response was simply, “Improved operations and an ongoing partner. The CMAXX is easy to use, reliable, and has saved us energy costs while enhancing our clean-air recovery”.

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World’s Largest Manufacturer of Sawmill Equipment Makes the Switch to a Vertical Cartridge Dust Collector

World’s Largest Manufacturer of Sawmill Equipment Makes the Switch to a Vertical Cartridge Dust Collector

Product: CMAXX (CM-010) Application: Plasma Cutting

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Fed up with their Horizontal Cartridge Collector, the World’s Largest Manufacturer of Sawmill Equipment Makes the Switch to a Vertical Cartridge Collector.

A few fires, poor production, and strict OSHA guidelines will cause any company to rethink their current dust collection and safety solutions. Thankfully, Imperial System’s CMAXX Dust Collector was able to live up to being one of the most user-friendly and advanced technological Industrial Dust Collector in the business.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of recycling and sawmill equipment, and a distributor to major national cities, logging and sawmill industries, the demand for equipment is constantly in the fast lane. The company manufactures 95% of its equipment in-house and employs over 350 welders to work shifts 10 hours a day/ 5 days a week.

Originally, Morbark had purchased a dust collector that housed horizontal cartridge filters to clean-up their shop’s plasma cutting and weld dust, but the horizontal filters had been trapping burning embers on the filter media; resulting in multiple fires.
Multiple dust collector fires and changing OSHA guidelines were the driving force behind the company seeking out a new, more advanced, dust extraction system for their plasma cutting table.

“When the rules changed and you were not allowed to blow plasma dust outside, we couldn’t use a water table because they did not work for our application. 95% of parts are manufactured in shop – so getting rid of the waste and scrap is one of the biggest challenges we have – we needed to get a dust collector that could work with our plasma cutting table.”

When researching multiple dust and fume extraction companies, Dave, the maintenance manager, had three main goals in-mind he wanted the company’s new dust collector to accomplish:

1. Reduce the tedious filter-change out process
2. Find a dust collector that would lower the chance of another fire.
3. Find an efficient dust collection solution that would help save the company money and reduce downtime.

After hearing about Imperial System’s through the company’s laser cutting table manufacturer, Dave knew Imperial could get the job done. Dave went ahead and purchased a CMAXX, model number CM-010, to clean-up his plasma cutting dust.

1. Simplicity of Maintenance

Using the CMAXX’s filter removal tool, as well as the system’s Even-Lock Technology, the maintenance manager has had a much cleaner and faster experience with changing filters in his new dust collector compared to the previous solution.

“When changing filters on our old dust collector, there were 12 different holes I had to unbolt just to change one filter. So simplicity of maintenance was huge and the CMAXX has delivered.”

2. Drastically Decrease the Chance of a Fire with Vertical Cartridge Design

The CMAXX’s vertical cartridge design and Pulse Distribution Technology allows for the dust to pulse off 100% of the filter media from the vertical cartridge filters and easily fall into the hopper.

3. Less downtime means more money

Due to the CMAXX’s simplicity of maintenance and 100% pulse cleaning on each filter, the CMAXX is able to clean more efficiently while drastically reducing the downtime of filter change-outs.

Imperial System’s vertical style CMAXX Dust Collector was able to get the job done at the manufacturing shop. In fact, to ensure there would be no chance of a fire, the company also purchased a Spark Arrestor from Imperial System’s to extinguish the sparks before ever entering the dust collector.

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Case Study: Recycling Paper Mill Baghouse Dust Collector

Case Study: Recycling Paper Mill Baghouse Dust Collector

Imperial Helps a Large Recycling Paper Mill become NFPA compliant while creating a safer work environment.

Resolute Baghouse

About the Company:

As a global leader in the forest products industry. The company owns and operates nearly 40 pulp and paper mills and wood product facilities in the United States, Canada, and South Korea.

The company makes and supplies leading publishers globally with top quality commercial printing paper and newsprint for magazines as well as direct mail, instruction manuals, maps, flyers, etc.

Not only does the company also produces 1.7 million metric tons of market pulp at seven different facilities in North America, they are also a major producer of lumber and other wood products for residential-construction and home-renovation markets.

This particular case takes place at one of the North American plants located in West Virginia.


The West Virginia located recycling paper mill is one of the largest in the USA. Production hours at the shop are virtually non-stop, running 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Though the wood dust is not toxic, the company was having trouble becoming NFPA compliant and the employees were dealing with plenty of extreme health, safety, and fire hazards including: airborne dust coming off the belt conveyers and constantly floating in the air, and up to 7 inches of dust collecting on the machines weekly – creating tremendous fire hazards.

The only safety measure to this point were employee dust masks.

“We were capturing 400-500 pounds of dust weekly, it was a huge problem,” says one plant manager.
The dust was getting bad enough that the employees were having respiratory infections as well as eye infections.

It was time to make a change.



In January of 2014, while searching the internet for dust control solutions, the large recycling paper mill stumbled upon Imperial Systems, Inc. Because of Imperials’ great values as a family owned company, as well as being a true one source company, it was an easy decision for the recycling mill to go with Imperial.

“Imperial was a one-stop-shop and we really valued that when bidding out the job. Imperial took care of the entire process from the drawings, to the engineering, to the fabrication, and clear through installation. The communication between us and them was always thorough”, said plant manager G. Thomas.

The company purchased a Reverse-Air Baghouse Dust Collector and over half a million dollars in ductwork from Imperial Systems. The development and install process began at the end of January and the entire project was up and running by March of 2014.

According to plant manager G. Thomas, who supervised the entire project, the Imperial Systems’ installation team was not only extremely knowledgeable and efficient, but they were also extremely respectful, helpful, and easy to work with.

“The install crew was a pleasure to work with, the whole process was a pleasure actually. Imperial was very easy to work with, there was no lack of communication, and I know if I need something in the future, I can call-in and somebody from Imperial will be here as soon as possible.”

To this day, the West Virginia paper recycling mill has had no problems with their dust collector purchased form Imperial Systems. Since becoming NFPA compliant, the shop has been cleaned up tremendously. There is minimal to no wood dust in the shop creating a much healthier and fire resistant environment and operations are running at a much smoother pace.

About Imperial Systems:

Located just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the small town of Jackson Center, Imperial Systems is among the top dust collection equipment manufacturing businesses in North America. Our values are built on designing and installing custom industrial dust collection systems with the strongest, most durable, fabrication to meet our customer’s needs.

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