What To Consider When Choosing A Dust Collector Filters Manufacturer

Jul 22, 2015

Imperial wants you to choose the right manufacturer that best suits your specific needs.

It is absolutely necessary that when you are choosing which dust collector filters manufacturer to go with for your metalworking company, that you make the right decision the first time. Too many chances are taken when you choose the wrong manufacturer. Some of those chances include:

dust collector filters manufacturer

  • Causing long-term illness in yourself or your employees
  • Allowing an explosion in your facility
  • Losing money over low-quality materials and machines

So what can you do to make sure none of the above happen to you? Research. According to the 2014 State of B2B Procurement study, 94% of business owners research before they purchase. That still leaves 6% that purchase without research, and lack of research increases the chance that you may have purchased a lesser quality product which will affect your business, possibly causing you to lose your business.

How Do You Know You’ve Chosen The Right Dust Collector Filters Manufacturer For Your Business?

With so many manufacturers to choose from, there are many companies that offer something special. There are also many companies that offer things that you don’t need, and would love for you to purchase those unnecessary products.

The best thing to do is abide by the 3 R’s….

  • Relevance – Specific to your industry, you must be sure that you are getting the product that will benefit you. As far as a metalworking facility, you will be working with combustible gasses and dust particles, requiring the need of a DeltaMAXX filter with Nanofiber technology, and quite possibly our CMAXX Laser Fume Extraction System.
  • Reliability – Be sure the dust collection filters manufacturer you are interested in has a dependable customer service department, and a list of reviews for each product so you know they have a product you can depend on.
  • Reputation – Who will stand behind the products and service of your choice dust collector filters manufacturer? If they do not have a list of clients on their website, you can give them a call and ask them for a list. Look up their reviews online and do your research to discern their reputation wisely.

Remember with all the sanding, buffing, grinding, polishing and cutting there will be a great deal of dust that will settle and remain airborne in your metalworking facility. Consider the quality products Imperial Systems brings to your front door.

For more information on how Imperial Systems is a relevant, reliable and reputable dust collector filters manufacturer, contact us today.

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