How Evenlock Technology Sets Imperial Systems Apart from the Competition

Aug 5, 2015

EvenLock Technology from Imperial Systems empowers you to effectively prevent hazardous leaks from developing anywhere across filter gaskets.

At Imperial Systems, we design and manufacture our dust collection equipment with EvenLock  Technology because we understand the concerns of the metalworking industry.   

Whether your manufacturing business is devoted exclusively to metalworking or that is just a part of the larger work you do, you undoubtedly have a strong understanding of one of the highest concerns in the industry: safety.  Even without the multitude of variable brought on by the presence of human workers, the dust, fumes, and sparks that result from standard metalworking processes can be cause for concern.  These elements, if allowed to mix without the control of high-performing safety equipment, could quickly become a recipe for disaster.


The absence of adequate safety equipment like Dust and Fume Collections Systems with Spark Arrestors can lead to some of the most dangerous work hazards in the nation.  A 2008 CBS News report enumerated some of the most recent examples of this problem:

  • At least 30,000 U.S. factories are vulnerable to dust explosions
  • 350 dust explosions occurred in U.S. factories between 1980 and 2008
  • During that time 133 people were killed and many more injured

These numbers, though staggering on their own, only begin to reflect the dangers of inadequate dust and fume collection systems.  In addition to these large scale disasters, ongoing dust or fume problems can also lead to health problems in workers, malfunctioning equipment, inefficiency, and losses in time, productivity, and money for the businesses involved.


Many manufacturers, have taken the initiative to establish dust collection systems, spark arrestors, and other safety equipment into their work areas.  However, potential danger may be lurking in these systems, disguised by the illusion that the problems of dust, sparks, and fumes has been solved:


1Hazardous Leaks From Unclean Filter Gaskets

As Robert Brooks of EHS Today (@EHSToday) points out, filters need regular, effective cleaning to continue operating at peak efficiency.  Insufficiently cleaned filters can lead to a loss in suction which not only lowers the efficacy of the system but can also lead to uneven gasket compression on the filters.  This uneven compression can lead to leaks occurring in the filter gaskets which, left unattended, can undermine the work of the system. (@EHSToday)

Other industrial dust collection system manufacturers have tried to address this problem in their own products.  Two of the most common approaches are:

  • Individual door pans with hand crank knobs
  • Cam-bars that rotate to clamp the filter in place

Although these “solutions” are common, the reality is that both of them fall short of the mark and, ultimately, are ineffective to solve the problem of hazardous leaks occurring across filter gaskets.  The hand crank knobs on individual door pans can easily be lost or stripped out, leaving you in need of a potentially costly, time-consuming replacement.  Cam-bars which rotate to clamp down on the filter are unable to deliver the same level of compression–if any at all–to the rear filters of the collection unit. Clearly, a new solution is necessary.

2A New Solution: EvenLock Technology From Imperial Systems

At Imperial Systems, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality, safety, and value in each one of our products.  This means that we aim to design and manufacture solutions that metalworkers like you can rely on.  We are not content with products that are easily broken or unreliable.  So, we set out to create the best solution for the problem hazardous leaks occurring across filter gaskets within our industrial Dust And Fume Collection Systems.



We are proud to announce that EvenLock Technology is an incredible breakthrough filter cleaning technology that ensures even-gasket compression on all cartridge filters in our CMAXX Industrial Dust Collection System.  By compressing the DeltaMAXX filter gaskets at a 50:1 compression rate, and by employing individual cams at each filter, from the front to the back, our system ensures 100% literal “Even-Locking” across the board.  With our new EvenLock Technology, manufacturers can finally, effectively prevent hazardous leaks from occurring anywhere across the filter gaskets.

EvenLock Technology Advantages

This advanced technology comes with several advantages that set it–and Imperial Systems–apart from the competition:

  • This technology eliminates the torsion effect from a rotating bar that is likely to twist in-motion and not deliver the same compression, if any, to the rear filters.
  • EvenLock Technology works just as well with loaded heavy filters; if the slide rail arm is locked forward, your gaskets are protected.
  • Our EvenLock Technology comes standard in every CMAXX Industrial Dust Collector, so you can have confidence in all of our equipment.

This unique approach is the solution manufacturers need to address the challenge of potentially problematic leaks in the system.

CMAXX  Features and Benefits

3If you are currently using an industrial dust collection system that does not have Imperial Systems’ EvenLock Technology, it may be time to make a change.  This advanced technology is just one of the many advantages of our CMAXX Industrial Dust Collection Systems.  This vertical cartridge dust collection system is designed with revolutionary PD Technology for Maximum Cleaning Performance. Other favorite features include:

  • A low-profile design to save space
  • Vertical cartridge design to promote a longer filter life
  • Tool-free, heavy duty filter doors for shorter service time
  • No external bolts for less chance of water and air leaks
  • 100% total pulse distribution across filter media
  • Spark Trap features

4This system is designed to be used with our DeltaMAXX replacement cartridge filters.  Made with advanced nano-fiber technology, these filters offer up to twice the filter life of the industry standard. They can also boast a MERV 15 Filtration Efficiency, the best in the industry, along with less pulse cleaning and lower operational mass emissions.


Together, these products have the best cleaning efficiency and offer the longest filter life in the industry, saving you time and money while still providing the highest level of service.


In Conclusion

In this blog, you found just a few examples of the types of solutions that Imperial Systems regularly provides to metalworkers and manufacturers like you. 6 All of the products that we design, manufacture, and install are engineered for outstanding quality, safety, and value.  We also maintain a large inventory of our dust collection equipment, so that we can ship most of the products you need–including the CMAXX Dust Collection System with Evenlock Technology–within 24 hours of your order. For years, we have earned credibility and established strong relationships as a provider of customer-driven solutions.



And now, we want to hear from you.  What are some of the biggest challenges you face in metalworking or in other aspects of your manufacturing work?  What problems do you face regularly for which you wish you had a solution?  At Imperial Systems, we are dedicated in creating products to answer the needs of manufacturers like you, so we look forward to hearing from you.  Please leave your thoughts, questions, or concerns in the comments section below!