Case Study: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Dust Captured by CMAXX

Case Study: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Dust Captured by CMAXX

Located in central Pennsylvania, Tom and his company create fiberglass reinforced plastic parts. These are for applications including aquariums, power stations, storm-proof piers, and farming equipment. This company uses a pultrusion process to produce a wide variety of products.

Problem: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Dust

Operating 24 hours a day, the plant has machinery for CNC machining, sanding, blasting, and chop saws. The massive amount of dust produced required the company to look for a quality dust collection system. Fiberglass reinforced plastic dust accumulates quickly. It is also a fire hazard and a health risk to employees.

Tom found Imperial Systems while searching for industrial dust collectors. Impressed by the quality of our products and service, he decided to look into our systems.


After researching industrial dust collection companies, Tom decided to purchase a CMAXX from Imperial Systems. With experience in working with fiberglass reinforced plastic applications, we helped Tom’s company select the right system.

The company purchased a CMAXX model CM-024. Imperial designed a system to capture dust from all the plant’s dust-producing machinery.

“I decided to do business with Imperial Systems. This is because I liked the craftsmanship and quality of the dust collectors that Imperial manufacture,” Tom said.

The DeltaMAXX filters and the CMAXX system ran smoothly. As a result, the company saw a drastic improvement in the amount of dust in the plant. In fact, the new system reduced the dust so much that Tom reported the work environment had greatly improved.

CMAXX industrial dust collector on a fiberglass reinforced plastic production process


Since installing their CMAXX, the company continues to grow. With new cutting and machining equipment coming into the plant, demands on the dust collector grew. The fiberglass reinforced plastic process produces a lot of dust.  Because of this, the company’s 24 hour a day operation exceeded their collector’s design.

Fortunately, the company knew where to go for a solution. A few years after installing their first CMAXX, they came back to Imperial Systems for another CM-024. With their twin dust collectors working together, the air in the plant is clean again. They completely corrected the dust accumulation problem.

“Our first CMAXX worked so well, and we were really impressed with the quality. So there was no reason to go anywhere else for our second one,” Tom said.

The company continues to be a loyal Imperial Systems customer.  They are still happy with their filter life and dust control. We hope to continue working with this company as they continue to grow in their industry.

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