What Industrial Filters REALLY Do For Your Business

Aug 12, 2015

Imperial Systems’ industrial filters offer major benefits in metalworking shops across the country.

If you have been in the metalworking field for any amount of time, you are probably well aware that industrial filters are a staple in any well equipped shop.  These cartridge filters are instrumental in the proper functioning of your industrial dust and fume collection systems.  However, you may not be aware of the true impact that the industrial dust filters you choose could be having on your business.

industrial filtersAt Imperial Systems, we design and manufacture industrial filters every day.  Because of that, we have an in depth awareness of the true impact of these products and want to help metalworkers like you discover the full extent of what industrial dust collection filters really do for your business.

Your Industrial Filters Have A Major Impact in 3 Major Facets Of Your Business

As with almost any piece of equipment in your business, the choice you make in filters will either help or hinder three major areas of your work.  With a high quality filter, you can expect to see great advantages in each of these categories.  With moderate to poor quality filters, though, you may have to settle for one or two out of three.


  • Safety.  Perhaps the most obvious product of industrial filters, safety is rightly the number one priority when choosing a filter.  You should have confidence that your filters are effectively collecting dust and fumes that are created as byproducts of your work, minimizing the risks of inhalation or even combustion.  Adequately collecting the dust in your workspace can also help to prevent the malfunctioning of your equipment, which can lead to other dangerous accidents.


  • Energy.  Your choice in industrial dust collection filters will also make a significant impact on the energy used in dust collection.  When Tomm Frungillo of The Fabricator analyzes the energy usage of various filters, he takes electrical costs, compressed air-usage, and CO2 emissions.  Depending upon the filters design and materials, it may require more or less energy to continue running at its highest efficiency.  Those able to operate with lower energy will save your shop money and time, as they often call for less cleaning and replacement.


  • Operating Expenses.  Finally, your industrial filters can have an impact on your overall operating expenses.  As seen above, they can significantly change the amount of energy it takes to run your dust collection system efficiently on a daily basis.  However, your overall costs will also include the lifespan of the filter, service time required, and even how they impact the operation of your overall system. Longer lasting filters are typically the best investment.