Long Lasting, Clean Air at Low Cost Using These Top Filters

Jun 15, 2015


Get top dollar results at a great price with our premier filters.

If you are on a search for the top industrial dust collection filters in the nation, look no further than Imperial System’s DeltaMAXXTM cartridge filters.
Imperial Systems is proud to show you how you can achieve a longer filter life and the cleanest air at the lowest cost with our top industrial dust collection filters.

Let’s Get The Facts

Some of you may be asking the question,

“Why is it important to purchase a top industrial dust collection filter, when I can get a standard one, at a cheaper price? They’re all the same!”

Guess what. They’re not!

When you purchase our DeltaMAXXTM filters you’re not only purchasing the most innovative filter technology, you’re keeping your employees healthy and your work environment safe.


  • Help keep your employees from getting sick.
    Did you know that dust particles in the air may cause many types of conditions and cancers such as asthma, lung disease, mesothelioma among others? Many of those conditions and cancers may take anywhere from 10-15 years to materialize after the initial exposure to the environment. (Mesothelioma.com)
  • Keep your machinery running smoothly.
    Because of the quality of our filters and CMAXXTM dust collectors, the amount of dust particles in your work environment will clear up significantly, leaving you with cleaner machines to keep them running smoothly.
  • Save your workplace from fires and explosions.
    In January of 2003 there was a polyurethane dust explosion caused by dust accumulation on the ceiling of a pharmaceutical plant in Kentucky, where 6 lives were lost and 38 were injured. (IDR Environmental)


Yes, you read that right! Did you know that some of the dust that is floating around in your facility may be combustible? Combustion occurs when heat, fuel and oxygen are present. This is known as the fire triangle.

Combustible dust ignites and burns at a mind-blowing rate, when confined, due to the inability to diffuse from proper ventilation. (See Fig. 5 below)image4

You can use our DeltaMAXXTM filters along with our CMAXXTM Fume Extraction System to keep combustible gasses and dust under control.

There are some signs in your facility that may cause alarm for any type of issues that we have listed above. Give us a call to get set up with our top industrial dust collector filters if:

  • 1. There is presence of combustible dust that may be released into the air
  • 2. Your facility contains materials are processed into tiny particles
  • 3. Areas that dust can accumulate for a long period of time are present
  • 4. Activities that the consumption or production of combustible dust is present
  • 5. A reason that dust will find a source for ignition

Dust collection systems are not just about ventilation without a cause, it all comes down to safety. Let Imperial Systems assist you in staying safe, no matter the industry you are in.

If you’re in the metalworking industry, the dust floating around your facility is made up of fine particles of metals, plastic, asbestos and fumes from all the welding, cutting and molding you may be doing. It is imperative that you have an OSHA compliant dust collecting system.  For over 10 years, Imperial Systems has been a leading professional dust collector service company in North America.

Imperial Systems serves most industries including, but not limited to:

  • Recycling
  • Seed and grain
  • Woodworking
  • Steel
  • Mining
  • Aggregate
  • Bio-fuels
  • Food processing
  • Pet food
  • Fiberglass
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical processing
  • Paper scrap
  • Fiberglass and more!


More Reasons Why DeltaMAXXTM is the #1 Choice for Top Industrial Dust Collection Filters

Let’s take a look at the features and address some questions for these top industrial dust collection filters brought to you by Imperial Systems

How To Attain Long Filter Life

By using Imperial Systems DeltaMAXXTM filters, you don’t have to put in any extra work to receive a long filter life. Our filters are made with Nanofiber Technology which has a tight-knit surface on the top of the filter, causing the filter to last twice as long as standard filters, which saves you money.

Nanofiber technology requires less pulse cycles since the filter media stabilizes at a much lower pressure drop than standard filters. DeltaMAXXTM filters pulse up to 94% less often than the competition.

More benefits to the Nanofiber layer include:

  • Customization. A nanofiber layer can be applied to any filter because it comes in any shape or size.
  • Easy Cleaning. Due to the tight-knit surface level, the dust on the surface will come right off during the clean, preserving filter life, saving you money and time cleaning.
  • High Efficiency. The average filter takes some warming up to work on it’s most efficient level, but with Nanofiber technology, the filter is already substantial enough without warming up, you get instant results.

How DeltaMAXXTM Clears Your Air

Compared to standard media, the nanofiber technology used in DeltaMAXXTM filters emit up to 97% less contaminant. With this superior submicron (0.3 – 1.0 microns) particle capture ability, it’s no wonder the air has never been so clean when these top industrial dust collection filters are in use.

We at Imperial Systems take clean air very seriously, which is why some of the top companies in our country trust us to provide them with our quality products.

Companies We Serve

  • Waste Management
  • Monsanto
  • General Mills
  • General Electric
  • Yale
  • Exide
  • And many more!

How We Fit Your Budget

With Imperial Systems, we’re more concerned with quality over quantity. We are fortunate enough to be able to provide you with the a top product, with quality customer service and all at a low price.

Along with our low prices, we give you reassurance and peace of mind because we are so confident in our top industrial dust collection filters, we offer a lifetime warranty if your standards are not met.

The DeltaMAXXTM Advantage

Let’s take a look at a testimonial we have received from a Texas Welding School, regarding our DeltaMAXXTM filters.

“The System is running very smooth, not much back blow. When turning on the dust collector in the past we have had problems with smoke blowing out of the back. That problem went away when we installed the DeltaMAXXTM filters. Imperial Systems’ dust collector filters are very durable and they are lasting much longer for us. My expectations were exceeded and you can count on us to be a returning customer.”

The advantages of DeltaMAXX’s industrial dust collector cartridge filters seem endless because of their many benefits. Aside from Nanofiber technology, DeltaMAXX provides:

  • MERV15 filtration, the best in the industry
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Low operational mass emissions
  • Less pulse cleaning
  • Best surface loading technology
  • Highest quality of pleated media


Along with these benefits, you also receive the highest quality service with Imperial Systems. Our goal is to form a relationship with our clients, not only giving them the highest quality product, but meaningful service, always looking out for the client’s best interest.

In Conclusion

At Imperial Systems, we hope to keep you informed and aware of the dangers of the production and processing industries. Our staff of problem solvers are here to help you anytime, anywhere. We serve all of North America, including the United States and Canada.

For more information on how Imperial Systems can serve you with the top industrial dust collection filters and systems in the nation, give us a call at 1-800-918-3013.