Imperial Systems Quarterly Newsletter | Issue 5

Apr 11, 2018


Imperial Systems Newsletter Issue 5 is the first issue of the year. Make sure to check out all of the articles and interview. If you would like a Printed Hard Copy of this issue of our newsletter please contact your Imperial Sales Rep.


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A Letter from the Sales ManagerImperial Systems has been a family business from the very beginning. Over time, though, our family has grown a lot. We have new employees as well as reps from all across the country who’ve joined our family because they believe in us and our products. Our National Sales Meeting in March showed us just how much our family has grown, and it gave everyone a chance to learn more about our products, while taking a peek behind the curtain to see what we do here and how everything works.

In this issue, you’ll meet some of our new extended family of reps from all over the country, but you’ll also meet Andy, who has been with the company almost since it began and is a long-time member of our close-knit family. As the Sales Manager, a major part of my job is helping our company grow, and it’s been really exciting to have all of these new reps and OEM’s sign on to represent Imperial Systems. Many of them left our competitors and came to work with us, not just because of the quality of our product, but because of who we are.

I’d like to invite anyone who is interested to visit us and see our new facility, get a look at all the great work getting done here, and meet some of the amazing people that make up our Imperial Systems’ family.