Imperial Provides the Best Dust Collector for Plasma Spraying

Feb 8, 2016

Don’t fall victim to lower quality dust collectors for plasma spraying. Invest in quality by choosing Imperial Systems.

You’ve done the research, searched through dozens of manufacturers and companies specializing in dust collectors for your plasma spraying process and now you’re ready to make a purchasing decision regarding a dust collection system that takes care of all processes of thermal spraying. Here’s why Imperial Systems is the right choice for cost-effective, time-saving, and innovative solutions.

Plasma-SprayingYou may already know that Imperial Systems prides itself on engineering outstanding, high quality products to keep buyer’s employees and businesses safe from dust collection and air pollution. With the current competitive economic environment, it’s imperative for businesses in the thermal spray industry to focus more on a dust collection system that lasts a long time.

When it comes to implementing safe and effective solutions for plasma spraying, Imperial Systems is highly regarded.

CMAXX™ Dust Collector As a Plasma Spraying Solution: The Imperial Way

Imperial System’s CMAXX™ Dust Collector System is the perfect modular dust collector system for thermal spray dust collection applications, including plasma spraying. The atomization of molten materials produces a significant amount of dust and very fine fume particles. Correctly ventilated work areas are a vital part of the plasma spraying process. A poorly ventilated area and collection system can have an adverse effect on both the worker and the process.

Typical Thermal Spray Technologies Include:

  • Cold Spray
  • Plasma Flame Spray
  • Powder Spray
  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Combustion Spray
  • Twin Wire Arc Spray
  • High Velocity oxy-fuel coating spraying (HVOF)

The CMAXX™ is highly customizable and can be fitted for your unique dust collection needs including the above mentioned ones. The CMAXX™ dust collector system with DeltaMAXX™ Dust Collector Cartridge Filters will make any plasma spraying fume collection process an easy task. We understand the risks and concerns of handling combustible and toxic dusts from the thermal spray process. Our equipment and systems are custom designed to fit into your existing operation with little or no down time.

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Convinced that Imperial Systems’ CMAXX™ dust collector is right for your plasma spraying activities?  Our network of Imperial Systems Inc. representatives are all highly trained problem solvers with specialized training in supporting our clients.

If you’d like to request a quote or schedule an assessment based on your plasma spraying needs for a hardworking, high-quality dust collector which is both OSHA and NFPA regulated, get in touch with us today at 724.662.2801 or by finding out more about us.

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