Imperial Systems Introduces Rhino Drum

Mar 5, 2019

Rhino Drum Replaces Airlock for Passive Explosion Isolation

If your dust is combustible, you’ve probably been told that your system needs an NFPA approved airlock. Airlocks are expensive and complicated pieces of equipment. Now Imperial Systems is offering a simpler and more efficient solution: the Rhino Drum.

The Rhino Drum is the newest product from Imperial Systems.

The Rhino Drum has been explosion tested up to 7 psi.The Rhino Drum is a third party tested and NFPA approved product that takes the place of an airlock for passive explosion isolation. In explosion testing, the Rhino Drum handled up to 7 psi. It meets the NFPA 69 and 654 Standards as a passive explosion isolation device, so if a deflagration occurs, it won’t escape outside the drum.

A standard airlock requires a motor, starter, wiring, and wipers. It also requires maintenance on all these parts. The Rhino Drum requires no motor or wiring and is virtually maintenance free, with no moving parts. It is far less expensive than an airlock as well as saving time on parts and labor. The simplistic design eliminates many of the possible problems, including injuries, that can happen with an airlock.

The Rhino Drum uses a metal collar to replace connection materials like flex hose, which can melt in an explosion. The twist and lock design has been developed with customers in mind, making barrel changeout easier and quicker. It is also tool-free.

The Rhino Drum features a drum dolly, heavy-duty drum, optional grounding wire, tool-free sliding coupler, and slide gate featuring an improved aluminum handle. One major advantage of the slide gate is that it allows drum changeout without shutting down the dust collector. By simply closing the slide gate, the dust collector can continue to operate normally while the drum is replaced.

The changeout process does not require any tools, and the entire process can be completed by one person (depending on the weight of the full drum).

This product is just one of the many innovations developed by Imperial Systems to provide customers with the best products and make dust collection easier and safer.

Follow these steps to complete the changeout process:

1.   Close the Rhino Drum slide gate (if needed)

2.   Loosen the t-handles

3.   Detach the bonding wire

4.   Unsnap and twist off the lid

5.   Roll the barrel out

6.  Return the barrel and replace the lid and bonding wire

7.  Tighten t-handles and open slide gate (if closed)


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