Case Study: Cleanup for Chrome and Nickel Plating

Jul 23, 2019

This company, located near Lake Erie, specializes in hard chrome and nickel plating. They also specialize in polishing and grinding. The company operates 16 hours per day, with their dust collector pulling in blasting materials and dust.

Problem: Oily Film in Chrome and Nickel Plating

The collector also pulls in an oily film from the processes. So this was quickly ruining their dust collector filters, requiring three or more filter changes each year. Consequently, these frequent changes caused downtime for the facility and cost them money. Scott is a representative of the company. He was interested in finding a filter that would hold up longer without exceeding their budget.


Imperial Systems recommended to Scott that he try a set of DeltaMAXX nanofiber filters. As a result, the nanofiber coating helped the filters last much longer. They performed well under the harsh conditions of the chrome and nickel plating, blasting, and grinding.

Scott reported, “Imperial Systems reached out to me and recommended their DeltaMAXX filters that have the nanofiber media. Wow, what a difference they made! Now we have filters in our dust collector that last four times longer. Also, our cost in filters and downtime are at their lowest.”

DeltaMAXX filters were able to hand the oily film and dust produced by the processes involved in chrome and nickel plating.


Scott and his company have been loyal customers of Imperial Systems for years, ordering all their filters. They are considering a new dust collection project for their chrome and nickel plating, and they will definitely use a CMAXX if the project goes forward.

“I’ve been changing filters here in our plant for over 20 years. I wish I would have known about DeltaMAXX filters years ago,” Scott said. “We have a system here that I would change at least three times a year. Since we put the Imperial Systems filters in our dust collectors, I haven’t changed them in over a year.”

The company remains happy with Imperial Systems’ service. They receive quick responses and attention from their sales representative, who understands their filter needs. After years of filters, they continue to come back to Imperial Systems. They have seen no reason to go anywhere else.

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