5 Pleated Filter Benefits for Dust Collection Systems

Dec 9, 2015

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If your business is facing a challenging economic turn, or perhaps is just in a season of slow growth, it can be appealing to try and save money by taking yesterday’s equipment and adapting it to meet today’s increased performance and efficiency standards.  Whether you are investing in a new filter bag house or adapting an old one, Imperial Systems encourages you to consider the following pleated filter benefits for your industrial facility dust collection system.

pleated filter benefitsToday’s air quality standards often require better filtration efficiency than the average traditional bag filter can deliver.  In addition, the type of dust being collected may be so coarse that the media in an older filter can produce holes in the bottom of the bags, resulting in a very short life span for the filter.

Pleated filters are one of the most advantageous dust collector technology innovations in decades.  Because of their numerous benefits over traditional bag and cage technology, pleated filters have won the allegiance of many dust collector operators. In some cases, it is possible to retrofit older dust collectors to use pleated filters.

Here are just a few of the notable pleated filter benefits:

  • Operations improvements, including increased productivity, reduced emissions, and lower energy usage and costs.
  • Easier installation, resulting in faster changeouts, reduced downtime, and lower labor costs.
  • Longer filter life, which reduces replacement costs.
  • Fewer filters needed per unit.
  • Less compressed air needed to clean filters.

A pleated filter is often a long, slim construction that resembles a cartridge filter.  Pleated bags have built-in cores so they replace both the filter bag and its supporting cage.  Some pleated bag designs even have curved openings at their tops to improve cleaning energy.

Not only do pleated bags look like cartridge filters, but they also perform more like them as well.  The pleated bag filter working continuously offers better efficiency and is often more durable than the polyester felt in a conventional filter bag.  Additionally, the average pleated bag can incorporate much more media material than an equivalent length of the felt bag it replaces, typically allowing substitution of felt bags with much shorter pleated bags.

Imperial Systems is ready to put these pleated filter benefits – or any dust control solution you need – to work for you today. Our customer service representatives pride themselves in providing accurate information, optimal dust control solutions, and outstanding service for our clients.  If you are unsure which option to integrate with your current air purification system, give the experts at Imperial Systems a call at (800) 918-3013.