Why Choose Imperial Systems

At Imperial Systems, we thrive on the culture of innovation. Never settling for ‘good enough’, we are constantly striving to create better products for  our customers, and the marketplace. Our flagship product, the CMAXX Dust & Fume Collector has been continuously improved over its near ten year life span.

We have created and evolved many products as a result of listening to your needs. Our latest innovation is the Air-Port Fume Exhaust Hood. Here’s why this hood from Imperial Systems is the right choice for your welding operation.

Air-Port Fume Exhaust Hood shown with welding curtains

The Air-Port Fume Exhaust Hood meets the needs of those in a welding fume application. Robotic and manual welders alike benefit from the Air-Port as it removes dangerous fume from the air breathed by employees and keeps equipment clean and running efficiently. It includes a variety of features designed with the customer in mind. Where many standard welding hoods are weak, the Air-Port stands strong.

The Air-Port has just two legs compared to the standard hood’s four or more. These two legs include the hood’s ductwork, which makes for a small footprint and easy installation. Fewer legs makes it easier to move and manipulate equipment around the Air-Port. The preinstalled ductwork includes adjustable dampers that allow the airflow to be easily balanced to your needs.

Another benefit is the simple design of the Air-Port that allows for easy assembly and installation. Competitor hoods can take over a day to install. This means you would have to pay at least two employees for a full day of just installing the product. The Air-Port Fume Exhaust Hood can be easily installed by two of your employees in less than an hour.

The Air-Port comes in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate almost any need. With standard heights including eight, nine, and ten feet, the hood starts as small as 4’ x 4’ and can be made as large as 12’ x 20’. With over sixty width and depth combinations, we are certain to have the perfect size hood for your shop.

Imperial Systems Air-Port Fume Exhaust Hood

There are several options available with the Air-Port Fume Exhaust Hood. An integrated Spark Trap is the perfect solution for any application which produces sparks. If included, this device comes attached to the leg and knocks out sparks from the ductwork with perforated internal baffles. This prevents the spark from reaching the collector and potentially causing a fire. Spark Traps are strongly recommended by NFPA standards as part of any fire prevention system.

Air-Port Exhaust Hood Crane Slot

The optional crane slot can be included for applications with cranes constantly moving in and out of the welding space. Internal lighting is available when additional lighting is required for visibility and safety.

The weld curtain can be purchased along with the hood to further contain smoke and fume. The curtain comes in a strip style that allows you to customize the lengths needed on each side of the hood.

Air-Port Fume Exhaust Hood Competitive Hoods
2 heavy gauge steel legs 4 or more aluminum legs
Unique arched hood design is more efficient Flat hoods don't utilize thermal rise effect
Integrated ductwork and dampers in legs External ductwork and dampers required
Integrated 99.9% efficient Spark Trap Angled plates in roof claimed to reduce sparks
Low-access exhaust discharge minimizes ductwork Typical rooftop exhaust discharge requires long ceiling run ductwork
Small footprint allows easy access Large footprint due to multiple legs
Crane slot for heavy equipment moving No crane slot, hoods must be moved
Over 60 sizes available Less than 20 sizes available or custom order
Fastest shipments competitively Typical 10-week lead times
Easy 1-hour installation Typical full-day installation
Ideal for both standard and robotic welding Limitations for robot access and servicing

The Air-Port Fume Exhaust Hood was created as the result of the needs of market needs, and we are not done yet. At Imperial Systems, we are always working to produce not just the next big product, but the best possible version of that product. Our innovative spirit drives us to continuously meet your needs as our customer.