Welding Trade School Programs Consider Budget and Safety

Aug 22, 2019

Welding trade school programs offer students an opportunity to pursue a career in a necessary, important field. Not everyone wants or needs a college degree. Many young people want a successful career without the burden of huge student loan debt. Some people prefer to work with their hands and like a job that challenges their skills.

People have different reasons for attending a trade school program. However, they all want a quality education that prepares them for the future. They also all want to learn in a safe environment with clean air and no health hazards.

Trade school programs often struggle to balance tight budgets. Welding trade school programs need the same type of safety equipment that welders on the job need. This includes effective fume extraction. Obviously, trade schools take the safety of their students very seriously. But with shrinking budgets, some schools can’t get approval for many things, including updated weld fume extraction.


Suggestions for Welding Trade SchoolsA local welding trade school program student train in our shop.

Since extra money doesn’t usually appear in school budgets, trade school programs have to think about efficiency and the best value for their money. So, here are some suggestions for getting the best fume extraction with the funds available.

  • Firstly, invest in high-quality dust collector filters. Bargain filters don’t work as well, and they don’t last as long. Trade schools for welding will end up saving money by using a DeltaMAXX nanofiber filter that won’t need replacing all the time. Conversely, bargain hunting for filters may lead to wasting money on frequent replacements.
  • Secondly, keep up with system maintenance. A service visit can replace worn out parts and identify problems. Without maintenance, failing parts can cause a fume extraction system to lose efficiency or break down. While welding trade schools might struggle to find the money for maintenance and replacement parts, a total system breakdown could shut things down completely.
  • Finally, make sure hoods or fume arms are being used correctly. Welders, or students in welding trade school programs, often don’t use these as they should. A hood can get in the way or a fume arm might need to be adjusted often. While these fume extraction tools might be a minor inconvenience, they also keep weld fumes from escaping. Training welding trade school students to work with a hood or fume arm is good for safety and fume extraction efficiency.


Time to Invest in a New Fume Extraction System?

Eventually, any trade school for welding may have to invest in a new system for weld fume extraction. Budget limits will always be a consideration. However, money saved on a cheaper solution might be money spent on repairs when bargain parts break down.

Also, cutting corners on the quality of the fume extraction system may lead to poor performance. Welding tech school programs are responsible for the safety of students. A system that won’t remove weld fumes efficiently is not a bargain.

Worst of all, a cheap system may not have the fire and explosion protection that a weld fume extraction system needs. A fire inside the system could burn up your filters, damage the building, and require evacuation because of smoke.

How do trade school programs convince administrators to approve funding for a more expensive system when there are cheaper ones available?

Contact us at Imperial Systems Inc and let one of our dust and fume collection experts help. We have years of experience working with welding school trade programs all over the country. We can show you why CMAXX is the best long-term value for the money. Students entering welding vocational schools make an investment in their futures, and a CMAXX is an investment in the future of your program.

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