Size Matters When Searching for the Right Commercial Dust Collector

Jan 7, 2019

A commercial dust collector is needed for factory processes like welding

Imagine that you’re doing an online search for “dust collector”. You’re going to get a lot of results. Some will be for large commercial dust collectors. However, some will be for small units made to fit in a home garage. How do you get through the maze of search results to find the dust collector that you’re looking for? First of all, what do you need your dust collector to do? Commercial dust collection systems, like the ones we make, are a major investment. Let’s look at some examples of who needs a commercial dust collector and who needs a smaller and less expensive solution.

Consider These  Scenarios

“My home business produces a lot of sawdust and it’s a mess.”

Jim has a one-man woodworking business and operates it out of his garage. He cuts, saws, and sands wood. As a result, his work produces a lot of sawdust, which he knows is a fire hazard as well as a mess. However, Jim does not need a commercial dust collector. So, if he does a search for home dust collection system, he’ll find lots of options that will do the job for him.

“The three of us weld and grind metal a lot during the work day.”

Anne owns a small metalworking business. She does a lot of welding. In addition, she has two employees who weld and grind metal for part of the day. To stay safe, Anne and her employees definitely need dust and fume collection. There are many search results for small business dust collector that will offer Anne some good options. In this case, a commercial dust collector is too big and too expensive for her needs.

“We’re getting a lot of fumes in the shop and I’m worried about everybody’s health.”

Adam is the owner of a metalworking shop. He has ten employees, but plans to add more. They usually spend the entire work day welding and grinding. The shop also has a laser cutting table. As a result, air in the shop is often cloudy with fumes. Opening the doors helps a little in the summer, but it’s a huge waste of heat in the winter. Even in the summer, the cutting table creates a cloud of fumes. Therefore, Adam’s business might want to invest in a commercial dust collector system. This system would be a good investment because it would be able to handle the dust from the welding and grinding. It would also be big enough to deal with the cutting table.  If Adam searches for commercial dust collection systems, he will get results that are more in line with his needs.

“We’ve got dust going everywhere and it’s a huge problem for our business.”

ABC Company is a food processing company that packages powdered food products. Most noteworthy, many of these are combustible. The company has some small dust collectors located over some of the conveyors. However, they have dust built up around the facility and when loads are dumped into bins, dust goes everywhere. This company absolutely needs to look at a commercial dust collector. They have a serious dust problem that’s coming from many different applications in their building. Consequently, a high danger of having a large fire or explosion exists. They are also in danger of serious OSHA fines for the fire hazard. Above all, their dust collection system needs to have solid flame and explosion protection equipment for their combustible material.

“We got fined because our current system isn’t efficient enough for new standards.”

Batteries R Us is a large company that manufactures batteries for vehicles. They have a commercial dust collector in place already. However, they recently got fined for an EPA violation because their system was not capturing enough of the lead dust from their process. Also, their dust collector is old and was installed before some of the newer EPA and OSHA regulations were put in place. To get back into compliance, this company needs to invest in a new, updated commercial dust collector. Plus, the new system will need to have HEPA filters to catch the maximum amount of lead dust. 

Get Expert Advice for a Commercial Dust Collector

For any business, a commercial dust collector system is a serious investment. However, if that’s what it takes to keep people healthy and keep your facility safe, it’s worth it. You might only need a small home unit, or perhaps only one or two small portable units for your small shop. But if you’ve got big dust and fume problems and you need to make a major investment to help solve them, please allow us to help you plan the best system for your needs. 

CMAXX Dust & Fume Collector on welding application