Imperial Systems Honored for Growing Local Jobs

Nov 29, 2017

Imperial Systems is proud to be recognized in PNDC’s Local Industry Spotlight for bringing local jobs to Mercer county.


The Penn-Northwest Development Corporation has chosen Imperial Systems for their local industry and spotlight in Mercer County. PNDC is a non-profit organization that recognizes companies bringing or expanding business and local jobs in Mercer County.

Imperial Systems was chosen for this recognition because of our expansion, which is expected to be completed in January 2018. By renovating and making drastic improvements, we have brought new life to an aging facility that might otherwise have ended up standing empty.

PNDC works to build economic development in Mercer County, an area which has experienced increased unemployment and skilled workers moving elsewhere. Their focus is on bringing new companies to Mercer County and supporting the growth of local companies.

Since its beginning, Imperial Systems has provided skilled trades jobs in Mercer County. As we have expanded, new employees have been brought into the shop to keep up with increasing demand, and new employees have also come in the form of equipment and aftermarket sales staff. Most of these careers support families who live right here in Mercer County.

Imperial Systems is proud to be recognized in PNDC’s Local Industry Spotlight, because we pride ourselves on keeping our business here, where it belongs. By keeping our expansion in Mercer County, we continue to support the jobs and families in this area.

PNDC’s annual report notes that Imperial Systems’ expansion is expected to add 15 more jobs and to retain 50 current local jobs.

Mercer County is home for many of our employees and their families, and we’re very proud to contribute to the growth and development of this area. Imperial Systems products will always be made in the USA and will always provide full-time work for local employees.

As we become one of the new biggest names in the dust collection industry, the number of employees needed can only be expected to grow over time. We plan to continue supporting industry in Mercer County, and appreciate the recognition from PNDC for our efforts.