Combustible Dust & Fire Accessories

Combustible Dust & Fire Accessories
1. Spark Trap 2. Explosion Isolation Valve 3. Fast Acting Slide Gate 4. Spark Detection 5. Fike Fire Suppression 6. Fire Trace 7. Smoke Detector 8. Chemical Explosion Isolation 9. Heavy Duty Construction 10. Explosion Vent 11. Rhino Drum 12. DeltaMAXX Prime Filters 13. Flameless Explosion Venting 14. Heavy Duty Abort Gate

3. Fast Acting Slide Gate

Pneumatic Slide Gates are engineered to control air flow and conserve energy. These gates deliver a positive shut-off to service machinery or to divert air. Remote operation, machine integrated. Safety guards reduce the risk of injury.

4. Spark Detection

• Fire and explosion prevention.

• Explosion and spark is registered to the millisecond

•Eliminates ignition source

•Risk management of your production process

5. Fike Fire Suppression

Fike fire protection systems are effective, easy to use, and safe for people, key assets, facilities and the environment. Whether your needs are industrial, commercial or special hazard applications. Total flooding suppression agent.

6. Fire Trace

• Passive, self-actuating fire suppression system.

• Indirect and Direct release systems using polymer tubing.

• Compatible with most fire suppression agents.

• Suppresses fire at the source and in seconds.

7. Smoke Detector

It detects smoke and will automatically shut down the collector. It can also engage any action that can be directly wired to the smoke detector to further prevent a flame front or damage to the collector or facility.

8. Chemical Explosion Isolation

Rapid discharge of a chemical explosion suppressant to prevent the flame from continuing through to other areas of your system. Inlet and outlet application. Used when venting is not an option. For applications up to 400 KST.

9. Heavy Duty Construction

• Industry leading 7 & 10 gauge construction

• All nickel plated hardware.

• Military grade door latches.

• Fully welded seams, no bolt holes.

• Graphite Industrial Enamel: Corrosive resistant paint inside and out.

10. Explosion Vent

• Rupture style membrane vents

• Stainless steel

• All vents are sized based on material being classed at a ST1 with a 200 KST or lower view

• Includes Burst Indicator used to activate alarms, bells, remote annunciators or interfaced with process control systems

13. Flameless Explosion Venting

Extinguishes the flame from an explosion, not allowing it to exit the device. Best use with limitations on ducting or location. Economical installation compared to other expensive explosion protection systems. ATEX certified/NFPA 68 and 61 compliant.