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Aug 8, 2014

When you and your team started in the manufacturing business, you were probably excited about the prospect of creating innovative products from metal and wood.  The challenges of design, construction, and perfection are what excite you.  You are less excited by the necessity of ordering replacement Donaldson Torit filters.  And yet, because of your experience, you understand the importance of making safety a priority in the shop.  Just as you wear the correct protective gear, goggles and gloves, so too your shop needs adequate safety equipment.  One important aspect of this is the dust collection system and the filters which go within it.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could replace these less often and spend more time doing what you really want?

donaldson torit filtersYour Options for Donaldson Torit Filters

Just because your system was initially established with Donaldson Torit filters does not mean that you are locked in to this particular brand going forward.  In fact, you have the option to switch to one of the highest performing replacement filters on the market.  The DeltaMAXX Dust Collector Cartridge Filters by Imperial Systems are manufactured to fit all makes and models of cartridge dust collectors, including your Donaldson Torit unit.

The DeltaMAXX Advantages

These innovative filters do more than simply offer a new, competitively priced option on the market for Donaldson Torit filters.  In fact, they may change the way you buy replacement cartridge filters forever.  Using the most advanced NanoFiber technology, less particles end up entering and embedding in the media below, improving the lifespan of the filter.  In fact, the DeltaMAXX has up to twice the filter life of the industry standard.  This long life is accompanied by the highest filtration efficiency in the industry, with 99.9% efficiency for .3 to .5 micron.  Overall, the design of these filters leads to lowered operational costs and reduced operational mass emissions.  

The Imperial Systems Difference

Although these superior Donaldson Torit filters are compelling on their own, Imperial Systems offers further incentive to switch your dust collection solution provider.  Whether you contact Imperial Systems for replacement filters or an entirely new collection system, you can have confidence that you will receive the highest quality customer service.  Just as we put serious effort and engineering into the development of our products, we are dedicated to helping you find the solution that is right for you and your business.  

For more information about our filters, dust collection systems, or other products and services, contact us today.

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