Your Best Options For An Industrial Dust Collector Solution

May 28, 2015

Imperial Systems offers your best options for the industrial dust collector solution your metalworking business needs.

As a metalworker, you know that dust and fumes can pose a significant threat to the safety of you, your team, and your workspace. If you are a new business, or have recently expanded, you may be looking for a way to deal with these problems as they grow along with your company.  At Imperial Systems, we understand that each metalworking business has different needs for their industrial dust collector solution.

Industrial Dust Collector Solution

Some need an entirely new system to address new problems; others may just need an upgrade to achieve a new level of efficiency or cleaner air.  Whatever kind of industrial dust collector solution you are looking for, though, you should be able to count on it for value, safety, and efficiency.  So, for both options below, Imperial Systems can provide the products and services you need to improve both your dust collection and your overall efficiency.

Solution #1: Install A High Performing Dust Collection System

If you do not currently have an industrial dust collection system, it is imperative that you install one soon.  Not only do OSHA and NFPA standards require sufficient dust and fume control, but your entire business will also benefit from the installation of the system, with greater efficiency and safety.

Imperial Systems’ CMAXX Dust Collector System is one of the top options on the market.  With vertical cartridge design and advanced, nanofiber technology, this system offers a much longer filter life than competitors.  Additionally, it is easy to use and offers high efficiency and increased cleaning power through its advantageous design. If you don’t currently have a dust collection system, this may be your best option to get started.

Solution #2: Add High Efficiency Filters To Your Current System

However, if you already have a dust collection system but are not satisfied with its efficiency, you can take steps to improve its performance.  Simply replacing your current filters with the high-performing DeltaMAXX cartridge filters can make a significant difference.

DeltaMAXX Replacement Cartridge Filters deliver the longest filter life, cleanest air, and greatest cost savings in the industry.  Additionally, this outstanding filter is made to fit all makes and models of dust collection systems, so you can improve performance without replacing the entire unit.

Call Imperial Systems For Your Industrial Dust Collector Solution

Which industrial dust collector solution will work best for you?  If you still aren’t sure which solution is right for your metalworking business, contact the service representatives at Imperial Systems today.  We will work to find, or design, the perfect dust collection solution to fit your needs.
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