A Winner Among Industrial Cartridge Filters Suppliers

Feb 18, 2015

Imperial Systems succeeded where other industrial cartridge filters suppliers had failed this metalworking business.

If you believe that your metalworking business has unique challenges when it comes to managing dust and fumes, you are not alone.  The materials and processes used in your line of work regularly create challenges for industrial cartridge filters suppliers.  Read the story of one lead fabrication products manufacturer who finally found the filters–and the supplier–that could really help.  Imperial Systems made a major difference in the life of this metalworking company and can do the same for your business.

DeltaMAXX Filters Outperform Other Industrial Cartridge Filters Suppliers

industrial cartridge filters suppliersAt Imperial Systems, we knew the stakes were high when the client contacted us.  Here was the largest fabricator of lead-based products, besides batteries, in the United States, and they needed our help.  This company had been disappointed by other industrial cartridge filters suppliers in the past.  These original cartridge filters were overheating in the dust collector, and the media was coming off in hard chunks.  After only a few months of use, the inner metal fitting grate was melting the media within the filters.

This was a challenge that other industrial cartridge filters suppliers had not been able to meet.  However, the lead product manufacturer discovered that Imperial Systems and our DeltaMAXX cartridge filters might be able to help.  The client purchased our replacement DeltaMAXX Oval Filters and was very pleased with the result.  Their representative writes:

“The cost has been great per unit when we compare to other companies. The cost has been more competitive and the quality has been much better. The cartridge itself is much more durable compared to what we were using in the past. Every time we have asked for a quote or response, we have always gotten a fast response. The information we got from Imperial about their DeltaMAXX filters has been as advertised. The product is less expensive and the quality is better.”

Since their initial purchase in early 2012, this metalworking company has been a repeat customer of DeltaMAXX filters for their dust collection units.

Imperial Systems

At Imperial Systems, we are proud to say that this is just one of many success stories we have been able to create for those in the metalworking industry.  With our expert design and skilled manufacturing, as well as our outstanding customer service, we have set the bar for other cartridge filter manufacturers and suppliers.

For more information about how Imperial Systems can help your business, contact us today at 800.918.3013.